Interesting News (2/17/13)

oh goodness myyyy – The Fannys, permits, The OC, and – finally – a university asks a member of the adult community for some serious insight …it’s all Interesting News!!


For those of you who have been wondering about Measure B and permits, apparently the first one has been granted… to Porno Dan.

To wit:

Dan “Porno Dan” Leal, owner of adult studio Immoral Productions, went down to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s offices in Commerce, Calif. [on February 14, 2013] and left with what might be the first official Conditional Adult Film Production Public Health Permit. According to Leal’s attorney, Michael Fattorosi, county officials said that one other studio had applied for a permit, and it was unclear whether who’s was issued first, but the producer walked away with a signed temporary “Public Health License/Permit Application.” (here)

You can read more about this entire thing on AVN here –> “Porno Dan Gets One of the First LA County Public Health Permits

The entire thing is very complicated and dense.


Also, apparently Orange County ia “America’s Porn Paradise” …at least according to the OC Weekly (2/14/13) right –> here. The piece outlines some adult performers who’ve come out of the ol’ OC and is actually pretty interesting.


More interesting that that though (to me) is this – “UCSB’s Media Industries Project Interviews Christian Mann” (from AVN 2/13/13)

Evil Angel General Manager Christian Mann was interviewed by the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Media Industries Project (MIP) to discuss the impact of digital distribution on the adult entertainment industry. You can find excerpts from the interview on the MIP website here.

The MIP also interviewed representatives from Netflix, Walt Disney Studios, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, 20th Century FOX, and Warner Bros… among many others. I love this, oh how I love this!! Not only is a member of the adult community being asked for very relevant and informed insights, a member of the adult community’s insights are being held up alongside mainstream heavy-hitters like it’s no big deal.

Jenna Jameson and James Deem be damned – THIS is one of the most significant moments in minimizing discrimination and normalizing the adult industry that I have ever seen.


And finally, it’s The Fannys – hooray, ANOTHER awards show!!

(le sigh…)

There are many many MANY awards shows and award granting bodies swirling about these days, all of which vary in form and function and (perceived) respectability. The Fannys are actually a part of the Exxxotica Expo fan show program – the Exxxotica Fan Choice Awards.

The Fannys are voted on solely by fans – fans… fannys… fannies… porn… get it!!? – of adult entertainment. Fans will be nominating the performers and content, choosing the finalists, and eventually naming the winners. Fans will also choose the event’s co-host – one lucky lady who will preside over the awards alongside two dudes from VH1 that I’ve never heard of (Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson).

The official categories and lady host options for The 2013 Fannys were announced recently (here). The program will spotlight over a dozen categories, with accolades for standards such as “Movie of the Year” and “Director of the Year” to “Who’s Your Mommy?” (favorite MILF) and “T.S., I Love You” (top transsexual star). And though I love the clever dimensions and the decently inclusive line-up (no gay content though), the “Hungry Hungry Hottie” (BBW) and “Non-White Chick of the Year” categorical listings make me want to stab someone.

The awards will take place during the Exxxotica New Jersey show on April 20, 2013. Details and voting/nominating platforms at


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Interesting News – news that’s interesting!!

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