Interesting News (12/18/12)

Sexual liberation over the past 50 years, California’s Proposition 35 and its place within a wider global problem, and the First Annual XCritic Fan Choice Awards – it’s all Interesting News!!


On December 16, 2012, The Independent celebrated “50 years of sexual liberation” here –> “Let’s talk about sex: Celebrating 50 years of sexual liberation

Though I am not sure I agree with every item on their list (whatevs) and though I am not sure I dig the title – what about “50 Years of Working Towards Sexual Liberation”? …because, as a society, sexual liberation we do not yet have – the article is really interesting.

Check it out right here.


Very interesting article in the New Statesman on 12/13/12 suggests “Sex work isn’t stigmatised because it is dangerous. Sex work is dangerous because it is stigmatised” (no duh) and highlights California’s Proposition 35

In California, the controversial Proposition 35 has just passed, with the aim, again, of stamping out sex trafficking. As a result, women who are found to be selling sex may have to register as sex offenders and submit to internet monitoring for the rest of their lives, as may anyone receiving financial support from them, including their children.


Sexually and socially conservative feminism is not the only or even the dominant kind of feminist activism out there. Right now, women across the world are organising against sexual repression and slut-shaming, resisting the backlash against our right to choose when, how and with whom we work and live and fuck. Neo-Victorians still dominate the lobbying groups and claim to represent women’s interests at the heart of world governments, but beyond the corridors of power, sex workers, low-waged workers and women of colour are clamouring to be heard. (quoted text here)

Read “This strange neo-Victorian desire to save prostitutes and porn actresses” by Laurie Penny right here.


Finally and not without controversy, XCritic launched their First Annual XCritic fans Choice Awards on December 18, 2012. To wit:

We get a LOT of requests for us to do an “Official XCritic Awards” and while we are happy to give you our picks of the best of the best each year we haven’t really felt it was time to do an awards.

After a lot of thought and hard work we decided that the biggest thing missing in the adult space was an awards that represented YOU the people who watch porn. So instead of doing our own awards we decided to create a collaboration betweeen the writers at XCritic and YOU our readers.

We’ve pulled together the nominations in 21 categories. This is much, much less than any other award show as we feel that there are just too many categories and too many awards. So no “Best Anal Scene” and no “Best Threeway Sex While Juggling Award”. We’ve also merged a couple of categories, having both All Sex and Gonzo seemed redundent and the designation for MILF is so fuzzy that we felt that a good female performer is a good female performer no matter what their age.

We tried to stick with the essentails and really reward the core work being done on the industry. We also tried to keep the number of nomination down in each category and ONLY nominate titles and performers who merited it.

Also all members of our staff who deal with advertising did not participate in the nomination process in any way. So without further adeu here are the nominations in the First Annual XCritic Fan Choice Award

Go here to see all the nominees. Further:

Voting will begin 12/18/2012 and finish on 1/11/2013 with the winners to be announced soon after. We are using a system that will only allow 1 vote per ip and will be monitoring the votes for any form of voter fraud. We will be publishing the raw data of all votes to be completely transparent in the process. (quoted text here)

I will leave it to you to identify the points of controversy, but suffice it to say that at least two big ones are being discussed so far. I’m interested to follow this further and will let you know what happens. In the meantime though, you may “VOTE NOW in THE FIRST ANNUAL XCRITIC FAN CHOICE AWARDS


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