XBIZ Awards, 2012

The 10th annual XBIZ Awards were held in the Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hanger on Tuesday, January 10th!! I went… because PVV was nominated for something. And because such events are always super fun.

Although PVV didn’t win the award for “Adult Site of the Year – Portal/Hub,” which is fiiine… le sigh, I had a wonderful time at the awards show – hanging out, chit chatting, cheering, tweeting up a storm (you really should follow @DrChauntelle and/or @PVVTweet if you’re in to the twitter at all), and carousing in general.

Here are some pictures…

(pictured: the show is starting!!)

 (pictured: Joy King and me)

(pictured: incredible tribute to Larry Flynt by Michael Whiteacre)

(pictured: Larry Flynt accepts XBIZ’s Industry Icon Award. He is flanked by trophy girls, Tasha Reign and Bibi Jones)

I just gotta say…

Hustler’s Larry Flynt is amazing – he has done more for the industry that pretty much everyone. He has also done more for US culture, free speech, the awareness of social class, and civil liberties than pretty much everyone. Not to mention the fact that he was shot, paralyzed, and lives with chronic pain… all so we could watch porn… and all sorts of other movies, and “South Park,” and listen to whatever type of music it is that we enjoy, and make parodies and jokes, and speak up about corporations and politicians and laws and things that may be problematic, and on and on.

He is not the only person responsible for securing free speech and civil liberties of this sort, but he has dedicated his life to making sure we retain them. It was pretty incredible to hear him speak. This was the second time in my life that I had the opportunity to do so. I stood up the whole time (both times). I’m pretty lucky, but we all are in this respect.

(pictured: XBIZ Woman of the Year, Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition, flashes the best smile ever with Joy King… and her award!!)

(pictured: me with Nate Glass and Gram Ponante – two individuals whose snark, sass, and bassassery I greatly respect… and Tanya Tate’s bag, which was really cute)

See you next year, XBIZ!! xoxox

* * *

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Nominee badge image courtesy of XBIZ, and image a me and Joy King courtesy of the Free Speech Coalition. All other images are mine.

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