Ugh, weather!!

Today is December 2, 2011. On the late afternoon/early evening of November 30, a wind storm of epic proportions decided to begin rearranging a large portion of the LA city-scape. The winds, which reached almost 100 miles per hour in the LA suburban areas of west San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena (among many others), lasted for the better part of the November 30 – December 1 evening. Here’s a story about it.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, the city of Los Angeles ordinarily operates under a constant state of cluster f*ck and is completely unprepared for weather of any kind. There is, consequently, no way to fully describe the wind-induced chaos that has ensued…

Traffic lights at major intersections are still out – LA drivers must recall the ways of the four-way stop sign, which is oh-so-apparently difficult. Huge – literally HUGE – trees were ripped from the ground by their roots, which is actually really sad. Debris that has been cleared from sidewalks is taking up the second lane on many roadways. And many people are still without power and – gasp – internet. Starbucks are currently standing room only.

Given that I am currently in LA, you can certainly imagine the struggles I have been enduring (just in case you were wondering where I’ve been).


(pictured: impossible!! image originally here)

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