what have the Geek Goddesses been up to?!!

About a moth ago, I was talking up my newest podcasting adventure, The Geek Goddesses, which I co-host with my dear friend Lydia Ann Lee (fka Julie Meadows).

For those of you who may have missed it…

Alternately called “The Lydia Lee & Dr. Chauntelle Show” (or “Dr. Chauntelle & Lydia Lee” depending on which one of us is talking haha), the main purpose of [The Geek Goddesses] is information and discussion – we will be discussing all things sex, culture, and adult from an informed, critical perspective. Our show is also going to have lots of guests and will ideally provide a space for women in the industry (especially performers) to really get into issues they deal with on a daily basis… because no one knows what goes on in the adult business better than the people who actually work in it!!

It’s really a unique combination of real world experience and involvement coupled with the social-justice informed mission to actively engage the diversity of adult – tons of meaningful fun that seeks change and gives back.

If you want to read more about the Geek Goddesses, go here.

Or, better yet, check out one of our amazing shows – they are all available at thegeekgoddesses.com and on iTunes here!!

In addition to our “Lost (warm up) Episodes,” we’ve now done six total shows – three with just Lydia and me talking about all sorts of interesting and complex stuff (Chick-fil-A, Octomom, Focus on the Family, condoms in porn, APHSS, and a whole slew of other random things) and three really wonderful in-depth interviews. So far, we’ve spoken to…


Alia Janine

July 24th, 2012 – Dr. Chauntelle and Lydia Lee talk to adult performer Alia Janine about the recent APHSS.org meeting and the proposed condom mandate, webmasters and contracts, adult industry agents, criminal justice, Inked Angels, animal rescue, the power of black-eyes-by-booby, and booby propaganda… all while laughing about doggy sounds in the background – basically, a lot of important stuff! — Alia podcast here!!


John Franklin Hazzard (fka Johnny Hazzard)

August 6th, 2012 – Dr. Chauntelle and Lydia Lee interview porn superstar Johnny Hazzard and Jerrod Olsen – Johnny’s business partner and longtime friend – about Johnny’s post-porn endeavor to reinvent himself as John Franklin Hazzard. John talks about his clothing and jewelry lines, his True Blood featured single, “Deeper into You,” and his completely reconstructed, work-in-progress website. In addition, Jerrod and Johnny share their perspectives on condoms in porn, anti-gay groups in the news, and porn piracy. — Johnny podcast here!!


…and Jacky St. James!!

August 13th, 2012 – Dr. Chauntelle and Lydia Lee interview award-winning screenwriter Jacky St. James. Jacky explains how she came to work in the adult industry, her future writing and directing endeavors, and the many hats she wears at New Sensations. Also discussed are the ways in which Jacky overcame mainstream-situated concerns regarding working in the adult industry; New Sensations’ already much lauded film, Torn, and its upcoming (September 3, 2012) release; and their “Couples” line as gateway porn. (gateway porn?!) — Jacky podcast here!!


And though we have a whole slew of new and exciting things coming up, I have already learned so much from our conversations with Alia, Johnny, and Jacky… (and I always learn from Lydia, too) …and so should you!!

Take a moment to grow your brain, listen to me and Lydia playing good cop/bad cop (and vice versa!!), and enjoy all the giggles and growth that come when you take some time out to have a chat – you won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Enjoy everything Geek Goddesses at thegeekgoddesses.com and on iTunes – love!!


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