video from the Good Vibrations Sex Summit!!

Do you remember the Good Vibrations Sex Summit? It happened this past October, 2012 – I went, I spoke, and it was awesome!!

Through this “Gathering Of Great Minds On Sexual Politics, Health, Education, and Culture,” Good Vibrations was working to address the sexual state of the union. Accordingly:

From the battle over reproductive freedom to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, sex is dominating politics and headlines and it is keenly felt in this election year. Pioneering adult retailer Good Vibrations has gathered the brightest minds to explore our sexual state of the union at the Sex Summit on October 27th in San Francisco, CA. Featuring an all-star line-up of authors, journalists, academics, and pop culture commentators, this day-long conference will unpack the many issues and implications in sex and the media, health, pop culture, and politics.

The day-long conference consisted of three keynotes, four panels, and some great moderators. You can read my recap of the entire event right here, and now you can watch a nifty little video montage of the panel I spoke on!! (it’s only eight minutes long, you’ll be ok)

From some Good Vibrations’ press, here is a summary of the panel:

Outspoken/Unsaid: Sex & Media – with Brian Alexander; UC Santa Barbara Feminist Studies professor Dr. Mireille Miller-Young; sociologist, USC Visiting Scholar, and PVVOnline blogger Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, PhD; and writer and founder/Executive Director of Women, Action & the Media Jaclyn Friedman – was moderated by filmmaker and correspondent Abiola Abrams. The discussion ranged from our expectations of media sources to tell diverse stories of sexuality (and, sometimes, their failure to do so) to the great range of media available now, from mainstream to online, from porn to popular, and how sex educators and activists can best access it. (here)

I manage to make a couple good points, get some jokes in, and not sound like a total fool – super win!! Enjoy, let me know what you think, and thank you Good Vibrations :)



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