The Yin & Yang of NSDSXXX…

We all know that New Sensations are Digital Sin are one in the same – two sides of the same production house, one focusing on variable versions of romance, the other focusing on more rare, raw, and taboo (“tabu”) exhibitions of sex.

Two great examples of these juxtapositions can be seen in Digital Sin’s Our Father alongside New Sensations’ The Laws of Love.

Consider The Laws of Love:

Attorney Martin Hitch (Ryan McLane) has just about everything – money, brains, and a career that has him on the fast-track to making partner at his firm. The only thing missing from his life is a good woman to share it with. But after dating a string of nightmarish women from gold diggers to ditzes, he begins to wonder if finding Mrs. Right is even possible anymore. Enter Alexandra (Romi Rain)- a stunningly beautiful attorney that is now being considered for the promotion that Martin was actually next in line for. Thrown into a tailspin, Martin tries to upstage his competition, but her cut-throat charm and razor-sharp wit quickly turn his world upside down and before long he’s left wondering if the woman stealing his job – might also be stealing his heart.



(pictured: The Laws of Love)

And now, think about Our Father

Nobody knows better than Our Father. Sexual tension explodes when a rebellious college student asks her straight-laced stepfather to spank her for her bad behavior. Determined to lose her virginity, a young woman seeks help from her promiscuous stepfather in the hopes that he can teach her the ways of the world. After discovering that his insecure stepdaughter has made an appointment for breast augmentation surgery, a man sets out to convince her just how desirable she really is. Using his knowledge of the medical field, a stepfather convinces his naive daughter into letting him teach her, firsthand, the benefits of anal sex.


Just goes to show – there are two sides to every coin!


(pictured: Our Father)

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