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I recently was a guest on a radio show, but not just any radio show – I was a guest on the Tanya Tate Show, a weekly wank show hosted by Vivid Radio on Sirius XM channel 791. And I told Men’s Health all about it!

Here’s an except from “What You Do In the Privacy of Your Bedroom, They Do Live on Sirius Radio” (10/17/14):

Now generally, I pride myself on my quick-wittedness and my ability to talk without nervousness in any situation. But as soon as Brett opened his mouth, my public speaking experience and ten years of college professoring went right out the window. I felt my face redden and my throat seize. What was I supposed to say? And what the hell kinda show was this?


I couldn’t clutch my pearls too tightly. SiriusXM Channel 791 is also known as Vivid Radio. Tanya Tate is an award-winning adult actress and director from Liverpool, and the Tanya Tate Show—hosted by the “reigning queen of filthy talk”—is a wank show.


That’s right, a wank show. A show where listeners call in with the specific intent of masturbating while having a conversation with the host.


I knew all this going in. And I thought I was prepared. But there’s really no way to mentally steel yourself for talking to a man as he pleasures himself while you’re both live on the radio.

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(pictured: Tanya Tate live on the radio!)

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