The Dr. Chauntelle Show (4/9/12)

Woohoo, it’s the Dr. Chauntelle Show!!

This week, I talk about all sorts of good stuff!! In Random News, a high school in Virginia moves sex education and sexual health service front-and-center, with some encouraging results. I saw some Sweet Content from Severe Society Films and Padded Kink this week, and I talk a little bit about those titles and issues related BDSM and kink communities and practice. Finally, there’s a little bit of talking about me – my research actually. I go over some of the findings I will be presenting at Stanford Law School this week (4/11/12) – it’s cutting edge sociological research directly from the horse’s mouth!!

Oh, and it’s the “ok” sign that has “offensive” “other” meanings, though I’m sure some folks might get offended by the horns – point still stands, in spite of my mix up though haha \m/



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Go here for more on T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria,VA.

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And for more information about my talk at Stanford Law School, read the press release here and/or check out my pre-event interview with Gram Ponante here. I will put up some post-presentation commentary soon… and I will definitely share a copy of the paper just as soon as it’s publicly available!!

And, as promised, Marcy Darcy loves the dentist!!


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