survey, monkeys!!

Anybody want to help me out with some questions??

I’m working on some new research stuff and have a few test survey questions… “Test survey questions” as in: “I’m testing the waters and need feedback!!” not: “These are gonna be on the test later!!” – haha :)

There are only 10 questions, each very brief, on Survey Monkey. The questions are about live sex shows and paying for (adult) content, but there’re no images or links or anything so don’t worry. Plus, you get a reward at the end… if you want :)

Survey Monkey is 100% neutral, safe, and SFW – I’ve been using it to do preliminary work like this since I was in grad school and was trying to figure out what time undergrads would most likely to come to GSC events (7 pm!!)

Here’s the link, just click and complete!! —>

Please enjoy, leave feedback if you would be so kind, and share it around if you feel so inclined. I will be forever in your debt!!

tiny monkey

(pictured: look at this smart little monkey!!)

* * *

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