some great feedback on my research!!

As some of you may know, I just had a new study published – “When Law Moves Quicker Than Culture: Key Jurisprudential Regulations Shaping the US Adult Content Production Industry.”

You can find the article in The Scholar: St Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice (2013, 15:2) …or you can just email me, and I’ll send you a copy. Here’s the press release about it, too.

Anyway, I’m very excited about this new research …and I’m very excited about all the wonderful comments and feedback I’ve received so far!!

Here’re some…

“Dr. Chauntelle: Untangling Porn and Society, One Puzzle at a Time” – this is an interview I did with the folks at (May 15, 2013).

AVN wrote about my study, including what they thought were the highlights of my findings, here (May 6, 2013).

And, finally – Gram Ponante offered some insightful comments via his piece “New study explores porn’s inverse stigma to legality ratio” (May 9, 2013).

It’s such an honor to have so many thoughtful and brilliant people comment on the work I’ve done. And it’s especially meaningful to me to have these comments come from members of the adult community – that’s the most important part of all.

If these bits aren’t enough for you, there’s a complete listing of commentary here – enjoy!!

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