I received an inteeeresting comment regarding my whole “Viva Las Vegas”/taking value judging academics to task piece via direct message (email). Given its tone, I’m gonna go ahead and anonymize it… but you know who you are.

The comment basically asked: why is it ok to judge people you don’t know for judging people they don’t know?

In my reading then, the commenter is asking why, in writing that “Viva Las Vegas” piece, I felt it was ok for me to judge folks I don’t know (some ASA attendees) who were judging folks they didn’t know (Las Vegas Strip-area visitors and workers). Presumably, in a whole “pot calling the kettle black”-type of way, this is not ok.

Agreed… were that at all what was done.

But reminding sociologists of basic principles elementary to the discipline is not judging, and I maintain that a refresher course covering core sociological theory and methodology may certainly be beneficial to some individuals.

Just sayin’

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