Shift – PVV’s newest Regular Feature

PVVOnline currently features three Regular FeaturesPVV, Back Stories, and Uncovered (and there’re reviews, too!!).

Back Stories are interview-based features with current members of the adult industry, from performers to producers to office workers, that explore who people are, what they do, and how they got into the business.

But recently, I’ve been thinking…

People change careers all the time for various reasons… reasons that are good, bad, happy, sad, and every other multi-dimensional thing in between. This is the same for members of the adult industry.

And then, also recently, a woman I greatly admire made a significant change in her life. She has ceased using her adult performance pseudonym as she moves into a different stage of her life.* This really got me to thinking…

Many people have generously shared their back stories with PVV – what their experiences in the industry are like and how they ended up there in the first place. But what about people who have moved on? What about those who have transitioned out of the business?

In order to explore questions getting at “life after porn,” PVV is launching a new Regular Feature – Shift.

Shift will explore the joys, trials, tribulations, and everything else associated with big career and life changes. Moreover, Shift will explore these issues in the context of prior association with the adult industry, one of the most stigmatized and misunderstood spaces in or culture today. (for this reason, persons’ identities explored in Shift will be kept anonymous if the featured individual so chooses)

Change is a part of life, and Shift will help us understand what happens when the adult industry part of a person’s life has run its course. I’m super excited about it!!

“Shift: every experience is part of a larger process (inspired by…*)”

*the identity of this mysterious “she” will be revealed in the first installment of Shift.

*UPDATE (4/16/11) – the “mysterious she” is Lydia Ann Lee!!

* * *

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