rekindling my relationship with the 405…

I regard the 405 freeway with an uneasy mix of fear and loathing and awe. I think most people with any direct 405 experience do as well.

When I was a child and a coming-up teen, the 405 had a mythical quality. It was, quite literally, the road to everything I (then) considered lovely and amazing and new – college, the ocean, a space on the other side of the world where it wasn’t so damn hot. So I did everything in my power to get up on it.

And get up on it I did. The 405 was integral to my life when I was a UCLA undergrad, but in ways that shifted dramatically over time. At first, it was everything I had imagined and we glittered together in Christal’s Miata as bffs of the highest order. But, after a few years, the 405 turned on me (not really, life just changed and the 405 is my symbol). The character of our relationship reframed and my once-muse morphed into a series of physical and emotional blocks that dominated most of my days throughout the late ’90s. The 405, quite literally, ran through the center of my life.

But time passed, and I moved into a new phase of growth and experience on the other side of the hill. The 405, my tough-love friend, forced me to embrace my new surroundings and activities… cuz it’s hard to hold on to an old stage or space when nostalgic revisitations require a trip down that beastly roadway. Albeit uneasily, the 405 and I, once again, were good.

And then I moved to Texas, where my relationship with that epic roadway – and all its tortures and charms – would hold static…

Today, however, the 405 held out an olive branch of friendship in the form of an endorsement from Sex and the 405 “is what your newspaper would look like if it had a sex section.”

Further, on Sex and the 405 “you’ll find news about the latest research being conducted to figure out what drives desire, passion, and other sex habits; reviews of sex toys, porn and other sexy things; coverage of the latest sex-related news that have our mainstream media’s panties up in a bunch; human interest pieces about sex and desire; interviews with people who love sex, or hate sex, or work in sex, or work to enable you to have better sex; opinion pieces that relate to sex and society; a raunchier kind of celebrity gossip.” (“About” section here)

In a piece about PVV posted today (1/31/12) entitled  “Your New Porn Valley Goggles,” they wrote:

“We’ve gotten word that AfterDark LA, the LA Weekly’s sex blog, is pivoting from its L.A. focus to a national one in order to appeal to a wider audience. This no doubt includes taking a step back from adult industry happenings to an extent, which is a damn shame since most other mainstream media properties online have a tendency to be unabashedly sex-negative.

But don’t be sad, we have you covered. To satisfy all your civilian cravings about what’s happening in Porn Valley, we present Porn Valley Vantage, a great blog run by eminent pornologist Dr. Chauntelle, a visiting scholar at USC’s department of sociology and academic whose primary interest is in the expansion of women’s rights and opportunities in the adult film industry.

In Porn Valley Vantage, Dr. Chauntelle reviews films and comments on happenings in the adult entertainment industry.

‘Everyone has an opinion about porn -– it’s either good or bad, exploitative or liberating; it’s super hott, or it’s just plain nasty,’ she says. ‘But I’m here to tell you: it’s more complicated than that. Just like real life, porn is multi-dimensional and complex, and every discrete element is also part of a wider socio-cultural past, present, and future … Porn Valley Vantage engages these complexities, connecting the dots and offering readers a unique take on the adult film industry.'”

How truly delightful!! What a kind honor and really meaningful endorsement!! I am honestly smiling from ear to ear.

And although Sex and the 405 probably has just as tenuous a relationship with the 405 freeway as I, it’s nice to know that considerations of sex in LA (as it’s bridged by my life-long companion, that river of concrete and traffic and dreams) are there to unite us all.

Thank you, Sex and the 405!!

* * *

Read “Your New Porn Valley Goggles” in all its intended glory on Sex and the 405 here, and email me if you want (I would love to hear from you).

PS this wonderful endorsement really has nothing to do with the freeway… I just felt like writing :)

Image by Tony Hall from “Your New Porn Valley Goggles,” original posting here.

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