PVV’s Best of 2010!!

‘Tis the season of the list – hott holiday gift guides, music that mattered, most embarrassing moments, worst songs, best websites (PVV!!) – that sort of thing.

Although it seems that the end of one thing and the beginning of another almost necessarily lead to some degree of reflection, I’ve never really understood the flood of list making that occurs at this time of year…

…never, that is, until I tried to write in the midst of all this December madness!!

Between a stack of letters of recommendation for students to be written, a giant interview project closing out (get excited, bebes!!), getting ready for AEE next week, traveling, and myriad other “holiday” activities, my poor little self is overloaded!!

So, in the spirit of getting on board, I give you PVV’s Best of 2010 – a listing of PVV pieces that I consider to be especially awesome from this past year (in no particular order).

It was actually really fun to revisit some of my little gems from 2010, and I feel like I made good on my commitment to offer you all critical commentary on the adult film industry… But you tell me!! Check out these PVV selections, and let me know how I and my quest for porn-edification did. You know I’ll love you for it!!

PVV – what reeeally goes on at AEE (not!)

Everyone is certainly entitled to their own account of what is happening around them, but this tale of what supposedly happens at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE, as in the same annual AEE that was mentioned above) is like nothing I had ever seen there before… so I had to break it down. (originally posted on 7/29/2010)

PVV – Good Vibrations?

My ode and my plea to Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg – if it’s even still happening, please get feedback from a variety of industry insiders to inform your new HBO series project!! (originally posted on 8/29/2010)

PVV – tubes!! and “what I think about in my spare time…”

Why you shouldn’t steal porn by viewing adult content on “YouTubePorn” sites… followed by why I think it’s ok for me to use stock photos from the interwebs in my posts – let me rationalize for you!! (original postings on 9/13/2010 and 9/22/2010) 

two pieces about the sTLD .xxx here and here and my open letter to ICANN

Issues surrounding the sTLD .xxx are rather complex and have the capacity to impact the adult industry in a significant way… and I was just talking about this stuff with my pal JK yesterday!! These pieces explain some of the issues. (originally posted on PVV’s blogspot on 6/25/2010, reposted here on 7/13/2010; original postings on 8/13/2010 and 9/14/2010)   

PVV – Monster Cock VS Porn Star Penis VS… Average Joe?

Inspired by the ever-dreamy RB, who was picking up his penis from a sex toy warehouse, here are some of my musings over that age-old question – what’s the deal with these dildo dong cock prosthetic thingys anyway? (originally posted on 9/28/2010)

Uncovered – the Real Linda Lovelace

An account of feminist and conservative activists’ co-option of the first porn star, Deep Throat‘s (1973) Linda Lovelace – this one has been reposted all over the place!! (originally posted on PVV’s blogspot on 7/10/2010; reposted here on 7/14/2010)

Uncovered – the Real Traci Lords

One of our culture’s most infamous scams… pulled of by a teenager. After obtaining a legal California id “proving” she was of legal age, 15-year-old Nora Kuzma, aka Traci Lords, began working in hardcore back in the 1980s – this too has been reposted all over the place!! (originally posted on 8/22/2010)

Interviews with jessica drake, Maya Divine, Joanna Angel, and Tyler Knight

I had the honor of interviewing many members if the adult industry this year, including people who work in front of the camera, behind it, or both.  But for whatever reason, we seem to be most fascinated by performers.  Thus, here are only some of the interviews I conducted with adult performers that challenge long-standing stereotypes and preconceived notions about talent. (originally posted on 11/18/2010, 9/6/2010, 8/15/2010, and 10/30/2010 respectively)

* * *

Dang!!  That’s a lot of stuff!! …and I honestly had to stop myself just now, but not because there was so much PVV awesome and I needed to find a place to call it (well, not just because haha).

I had to stop myself because there’s no way PVV can be summed up in highlights.  It may be fun to read me at my funniest and it may be useful to get updates on some of the big issues facing the business, but understanding the industry (and anything) is a process. 

I’ve been studying and directly involved with adult for years now, and I know a lot about it (which is great at parties!!).  But I don’t know anything near everything (no one does), I don’t know one tenth as much as many, and I’m always learning something new.

If you’re interested gaining some insight on the adult industry and hearing about one version (mine) of what happens therein, join me in 2011!!  PVV is a reflection of my process through porn, and I would love to have you along for the ride <3

questions? comments? email me!!

(pictured: your fearless pornologist)