PVV – On the Couch with Lydia Lee!!

A while back, I had the opportunity to be On the Couch with Lydia Lee

Writer, artist, and activist Lydia Lee (who some of you may know by her former pseudonym, Julie Meadows) interviewed me about all sorts of things, the contents of which she made available in a series of YouTube clips. Lydia recently reedited the footage into one long interview that both 1) is all in one video (vs a series) and 2) gets to the point a little quicker than the original version (wherein I spend the first XX minutes – pretty much all of Part 1 – talking about… stuff).

Here is what Lydia wrote about the interview and her decision to re-edit:

“This interview has been re-edited to present my entire interview with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals; minus a few topics, but only a few. I don’t want the majority of viewers who watch Part 1 to skip on to a different video without seeing the guts of the interview, hence the re-edit.

Dr. Tibbals explains how she became interested in exploring the truth about the Los Angeles-based adult industry; social constructs, stereotypes and gender issues; feminism and individual life perspectives; cultural biases and insensitivities towards men and women.” (originally here)

Anyway, it’s a lovely interview conducted by a truly unique and special woman… and I’m in there too, which is cool. So, if you haven’t already watched it and/or you just feel like getting in some more Dr. Chauntelle time, enjoy me… On the Couch with Lydia Lee!!


For more of Lydia’s work, insights, and thoughts in general, check out her blog here and the Julie Meadows Entertainment YouTube channel here.

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