PVV – introducing The Geek Goddesses!!

oh, mega squeeeeeeee!!

I am so excited and pleased to share my newest podcasting ad/venture – The Geek Goddesses, starring me (dr. chauntelle) and my dear friend Lydia Lee!!

Now, I guess I’m kind of interesting…. but who’s really interesting is Lydia – in her words, Lydia “enjoyed a moderate amount of fame as a porn starlet” in the late 90s/early 2000s. She is now a blogger/media entrepreneur and a significant contributor to the online adult commentary and social justice community. She interviews adult models, performers, and personalities and highlights adult industry issues and events in an effort to explore the ever complicated world of media and sexuality.

So basically, she’s amazing. You can learn more about her here.

But our show…

Alternately called “The Lydia Lee & Dr. Chauntelle Show” (or “Dr. Chauntelle & Lydia Lee” depending on which one of us is talking haha), the main purpose of our podcast is information and discussion – we will be discussing all things sex, culture, and adult from an informed, critical perspective. Our show is also going to have lots of guests and will ideally provide a space for women in the industry (especially performers) to really get into issues they deal with on a daily basis… because no one knows what goes on in the adult business better than the people who actually work in it!!

It’s really a unique combination of real world experience and involvement coupled with the social-justice informed mission to actively engage the diversity of adult – tons of meaningful fun that seeks change and gives back.

I know you’re all burningly curious – so take a trip over to TheGeekGoddesses.podbean.com!! We already have our first episode up, just for you. It’s playable and downloadable, as well as completely SFW (and an iTunes feed is on its way). We also have a few “lost” episodes for you, too – us getting ourselves together and whatnot.

So please enjoy our wonderful new project. It’s going to be amazing!!

Dr. Chauntelle & Lydia Lee on The Geek Goddesses here –> TheGeekGoddesses.podbean.com

(pictured: photo by Dean Capture, banner by Lydia Lee)

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