PVV – a taste of EXXXOTICA LA

So it’s official – EXXXOTICA LA, 2011 is over (although I’m certain there’re still folks working on cleaning up the aftermath). And after a full three days, I am tiiired.

I had awesome adventures and learned many new things, all of which I will share with you guys soon… but first I need a nap!! But because I’m the nicest ever, here are a few snaps in the meantime!! And by the way, I did a much better job of taking pictures than I normally do at these sorts of events – these previews aren’t even the good ones ;)

(pictured: the badge-gettin’ area)

(pictured: models on a teeter-totter… please tell me you’re noticing the handles)

(pictured: instead of a bull, there was a giant cock!!)

(pictured: a floor interview)

(pictured: The Hollywood Men… and yes, I stood there and watched for a while)

(pictured: an ad for a printing company located in Booth #814… heee!!)

More coming soon!! Nighty nite for now though :)

* * *

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