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In addition to PVV, I am moving around the interwebs quite a bit lately… If you haven’t already, check out:

My blog at – I talk a lot about higher education, social issues related to gender, sex, sex work, & technology (among many other things), and – of course – the adult entertainment industry all right –> here

Reviews and reflections at – I have begun writing a bimonthly column for and Erotic Scribes. Check out in-depth musings about socially significant adult content right –> here

The Adult Film Minute” on – the folks over at FilmDrunk know that porn is an integral component of our wider social fabric, thus once per month I talk a little bit about what’s been going on in adult entertainment… and why we should all care!! Right –> here

And as always, check out the PVVOnline Store for totally safe and seamless access to all the content I talk about via VOD, DVD, and digital download. Support the adult industry and your favorite sociologist by NOT visiting pirated-based tube sites – go here instead!!

Pay for your porn, people. If you don’t, it will eventually disappear…

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