JanesGuide.com loves PVV!!

I hate to be all “Me! Me! Me!!” lately (see my interview on LIB.com here if you need/want more “me”), except that I have another me-related item that I must share!!

PVVOnline was reviewed by JanesGuide.com… and Jane said PVV is both “quality” and “original”!!

JanesGuide.com has been around since the late 1990s and works to provide unbiased reviews (with an acknowledgement of subjectivity) of adult content-related websites of all sorts… and they reviewed PVV!! Actually, Ms. Vamp Ire, a long-standing and well-respected member of the Jane family, reviewed PVV. Here’s what Vamp had to say:

“This website is simply a delight! Dr. Chauntelle has a PhD in Sociology, and this site explores the multi-dimensional and complex world of the adult industry through the lens of an academic with a firm background in the sociology of gender and feminist theory. Sound boring? I promise that it is not! There are four main sections of the site. The PVV section discusses issues that impact the adult industry. The Uncovered section takes on myths of the industry. The Shift section features transitional stories from folks that are changing careers and have a history of working in porn.

My favorite section, however, is Back Stories. Dr. Chauntelle conducts interviews (in text and in audio format) with folks from the porn industry, illustrating who they are outside of their job. At the moment she features such folks as Joanna Angel, Ela Darling, Lydia Lee, Maya Divine, and many more. I was impressed by the caliber of discussion, as well as by the respectful and insightful questions here. There are also some reviews of adult films and links to Dr. Chauntelle’s articles. I really loved the tone here, which was inquisitive and open. A great site for those that want to read intelligent discussion of the adult film industry!” (you can see the review in all its Jane glory here)

eeeeee!! Isn’t that awesome?? Vamp even tagged PVV in the “sex positive goddesses” category (among others) – awww!!

…aaand now PVV gets to wear this nifty little Stick Jane stamp of approval!!

I must thank my wonderful Associate Reviewers Vittoria Buzza and Hank Fontaine, as well as the mysterious Art Bizarro, for their contributions to PVV. I also must acknowledge all the wonderful members of the adult industry who have trusted me to share their stories in so many ways.

And I of course must thank you, my dear readers – PVV would be nothing without your willingness to see the world for the complex space that it is!! xoxox