Introducing… PVV’s newest Associate Reviewer, Hank Fontaine

So as you all must certainly already know (or not), in order to be more fully porn-edifying, I recently decided to take some steps to broaden the scope of PVVOnline.

One genius idea I’ve already employed is the monthly Screener Surprise “contest,” wherein some lucky PVV reader (ie) scores some free adult content under the auspices of combating internet piracy. If you don’t already know about Screener Surprise, you can read all about it here…

…and if you haven’t sent me your submission for this month’s Screener Surprise “contest,” you best get on that!! (email me here)

In addition to the “fight piracy/get porn”-ness of Screener Surprise, I have also decided to *employ* a small and select cadre of Associate Reviewers!!

PVV Associate Reviewers are well-versed in PVV’s Mission… but each Associate Reviewer also comes from their own unique and special place in the world. Thus, each reviewer has a unique and special perspective on adult content. Maybe something they have to say will resonate with you…

Anywho, I’m super excited to inform you that I will have the honor of posting the very first review from PVV’s newest Associate Reviewer tomorrow!! I know it’s a long time to wait (until tomorrow!! oh, the curiosity!!), so let me tease you with some bits about the mysterious and hilarious Hank Fontaine in the meantime…

Hank Fontaine is an extreme swinger, cold cereal killer, part-time public nudist/exhibitionist, and burgeoning writer trapped in the mind and body of a near illiterate. He is not a porn aficionado, nor is he a porn connoisseur… just a married guy in his early forties who likes to get his freak on.

Now, like the modest individual he is, Hank likes to downplay his strengths, but let me tell you – Hank is both brilliant and extremely pop/culturally aware. We also have the same (ironically) favorite song ;)

Like PVV’s first Associate Reviewer, Vittoria Buzza (who has actually been super sick lately – poor missy!!), Hank’s contributions are really going to be a generous gift – yay Hank!!

Now I know you are sooo curious as to what’s Hank’s first bit of review content, but I am sooo not telling you what it is… until tomorrow!! In the meantime, enjoy my and Hank’s (ironically… not really) favorite song.

happy spring and happy almost Junior Mint’s and Nanciful’s birthday, bebes!!

(pictured above: Hank ruling the hoops)