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It’s November 1st!!!!

And the election is HAPPENING. Like, right now. And the “NO on Measure B” train absolutely cannot lose momentum.

Recently, the incredibly brilliant Mark Kernes dissected the actual text of proposed LA County Measure B in order to determine “What Does Measure B REALLY Say About Condoms?“ He goes through the entire Measure in great detail, but brings it all together with:

So let’s sum up, then, shall we? Does Measure B require performers to use condoms? You bet it does! But because Measure B requires that, in order for companies to keep their public health permits, they must also follow all of the regulations of California Code of Regulations Title 8, Section 5193, performers on adult movie sets must also use “[latex] gloves, face shields or masks and eye protection [goggles]” and any other personal protective equipment (like, for instance, dental dams) that prevents the blood or OPIM from reaching an employee’s “undergarments, skin, eyes, mouth or other mucous membranes” like their eyes or nose—and considering that most adult performers are nearly or completely naked when performing, about the only “personal protective equipment” that truly satisfies the requirements of Title 8, Sec. 5193 are hazardous material—or “hazmat”—suits like the ones pictured [at the source].

Now, try making an adult movie with that requirement! If you need some help visualizing what such a movie might look like, go here.

(The text of California Code of Regulations Title 8, Section 5193 can be found here.)

Hazmat suits… in spite of only one instance of HIV transmission on a porn set since 1998 (via Marc Wallice in 1998, via Darren James in 2004). Hazmat suits in spite of an every 14-28 day internally mandated STI testing protocol that monitors and mitigates chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis infections in adult performers. Hazmat suits instead of free speech, individual autonomy, and creative expression. Hazmat suits in spite of performer, industry, and consumer choice.

Hazmat suits. For porn. In the already crumbling State of California and County of Los Angeles.

You guyyyyyyys… This is NOT ok!! Plus, please tell me you see how this Measure can snowball into everything bad and Big Brother that has every been imagined?!! The “correct” version of safe sex, the “correct” version of sex overall!! No.

If you need more information, read my take on Measure B here. And read Mark’s entire piece.

And listen to this interview I did recently with



But please, no matter what you do, consider the facts of this matter…

Then, imagine this was you – imagine you worked in the adult industry. Personalize it!! But don’t think about whether or not you like porn – think about whether or not you like your job. Now imagine what it would be like if someone tried to take it (and your freedom) away.

Then vote NO on Measure B – because the other choice is a step towards infringing on YOUR civil rights, too.


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