Interesting News (11/15/12)

Recently, a mainstream blogger with ties to the adult industry asked me a series of questions regarding my thoughts on and reactions to Measure B. Unfortunately, the blogger decided to pass on the entire piece; however, since I had already responded to the questions (bolded below), I thought I would go ahead and share (some of) them here – enjoy!!

Isn’t safer sex a good thing, something we should promote? Can we ertoicize safer sex?

Certainly, safer sex is a good thing; however, there are multiple issues at play here that include but are not limited to: 1. What constitutes “safer sex”? and 2. Is safer sex promotion porn’s responsibility (as if porn can be spoken about as a monolith, which it cannot)? Porn is not an educational tool. The fact that it is being misappropriated as such by some viewers points to much larger social issues impacting the wider culture.But regardless – safer sex can certainly be eroticized, and there are many producers and performers who already strive to do so. However, this is their choice as artists and as producers/performers engaging in a commercial industry.There is also consumers’ choices to account for – just like people may not want to see a stunt person’s safety wire, consumers may not want to see porn’s safety precautions… good thing there are “invisible” precautions (ie the industry’s STI testing/monitoring/mitigation system) in place.

What are your own thoughts on this new law?

I think the new law is extremely problematic. It is the product of manipulations, misinformation and what I perceive to be ego-driven pursuits coupled with general cultural anxieties surrounding sex and commercial sex work. These things have come together to create the perfect storm of awful – Measure B.Certainly, adult content production as a whole could be improved and certainly there are specific aspects of the adult business that need work, but this measure – which was drafted by a private entity with no first-hand knowledge of the adult business and no input from people who actually do the labor – is not the way to go about it.

What’s the industry’s “game plan” now that the public has voted in Measure B? Do you think that this regulation is the start of a new wave of regulation to limit the production of porn?

As far as the industry’s game plan, I am going to have to let industry insiders speak for themselves. I will say though that they are definitely mobilizing.

As far as a new wave of increased regulation, that could go one of two ways. Either no, this measure will be found unconstitutional and so far off mark in the courts that it may just die. Or yes, it will definitely kick start a new wave of sex-related regulations – and if that happens, this law will impact every single one of us. Measure B attempts to define a “correct” version of sex, while attempting to shunt others. If people can’t see how that can end up right in their own personal private bedrooms… well, then they probably voted yes on Measure B.



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