holy goodness – PVV has won the 2012 Website Erotic Award!!

Perhaps you recall me mentioning that PVV was a 2012 Erotic Awards finalist? If not…

The Erotic Awards is an annual event that honors achievement in erotica worldwide. Founded in 1994 by Tuppy Owens, the awards ceremony is held at the beginning of the annual Night of the Senses celebration.

The 25th Anniversary Erotic Awards and Night of the Senses celebration was held on May 26, 2012 in West London. Awards were given for categories in various art, media, and literary forms (including blogs), sex work, “innovation,” campaigns for individual projects, and websites overall. Nominations for each award came from the public, via the Erotic Awards website, and/or by brochure, and three finalists in each category were selected by a jury…

And I am so pleased and honored that PVV has won the 2012 Website Erotic Award – squeeeeeee!!

(pictured: screen grab taken on 6/17/12 here)

I am so very honored and touched – thank you Tuppy, members of the jury, everyone who worked on this event, and all the other wonderful activists, educators, sex workers, and/or artists out there – every day is another day to reach for equality, social justice, community, health and education, and – ultimately – autonomy and authenticity. We are fighting the good fight!!

For more about the Erotic Awards, including history and philanthropy, go here.


Look, it’s my award – a golden winged pega-penis!! It came in the mail on June 27, 2012 – what an honor!!

* * *

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