election results (initial comments)


Well, this happened:

(pictured: Yes on B)

And this:

(pictured: Yes on 35)

1,171,287 Yes on B (55.85%)


925,782 No on B (44.15%)

For any of you out there who are feeling defeated, please notice that this is like an 11 to 9 vote – it’s so far from a crush. Do not get discouraged, do not lose focus, do not lose heart!!


But this…

1,728,101 Yes on 35 (78.84%)


463,847 No on 35 (21.16%)

…is a much harder story.


I would be lying to you if I said I had a clear picture of what to do next. And I hate that this insightful, stinging statement from Carol Queen has been sitting with me since last night…

…and just the few responses she got – the range of sentiments, accuracies, and inaccuracies, my goodness!!

But unfortunately, Carol is correct – sex and sex work (with a little bit of media savvy and reading comprehension thrown in) are obviously issues our culture struggles with… even in California, even in Los Angeles. In spite of any progress we may have made, apparently whores are still whores, sex work is not real labor, and EVERYONE who touches these industries gets their share of sex worker dividend.

More of my thoughts and such soon, but in the meantime – everyone please, don’t give up!!


* * *

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