Dr. Chauntelle’s “Dirty Talk” (about Measure B and other things)

I was recently interviewed by Drew Gerald for his podcast show “Dirty Talk” – so awesome!!

Drew and I had a great, in-depth conversation about many topics. We talked about some of the big, significant things I’ve learned about porn over the years and spent quite a bit of time discussing LA County’s Measure B… enjoy!!



Incidentally, just because Measure B passed doesn’t mean the fight is over!! My talk with Drew touches on some post-passage issues… and there are still so many issues!!

Consider: “Measure B has passed – some comments and thoughts” and “Measure B and voter demographics” (both on PVV).

Also, FSC attorney Jeffrey Douglas responds to the LA Times‘ recent proclamations about Measure B here – this bit on XBIZ provides some very significant perspective.


About Dirty Talk:

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