Dr. Chauntelle on Sexxx Talk Radio

I was a guest on Sexxx Talk Radio!!

Sexxx Talk Radio, which is broadcast weekly on Progressive Radio Network (PRN), is an interesting space dedicated to taking uncompromising looks at sexual shame and the odd bedfellows that are sex and religion. Whether it’s sex in the news media, probing the minds of experts, politicians and celebrities, or helping listeners understand both their bodies and the politics of sexuality, co-hosts Alyssa Royse and Lanae St. John meet the issues head-on.

I joined Alyssa and Lanae for an extended (30ish!!) minute segment in this episode (3/28/12). We talked about the prevalence of adult content, myths, and all sorts of other chicken-and-egg issues (what came first: the XXX or the XXX?). It was great fun, though we could have talked for 15 hours and not have gotten to everything!! Hopefully, we will get to do again in the near future.



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