dr. chauntelle interviewed by ELM Avenue!!

Usually I am the interviewer, but recently I got to be the interview-ee!!

I was interviewed by ELM (Extra Lunch Money) Avenue, a really progressive, creative, and out-of-the-box show wherein adult industry workers (ie cam models, escorts, webmasters, studio owners, porn stars… and apparently sociologists!!) share their stories and experiences for the sole purpose of education – educating people looking to get into the adult industry, educating people who want to learn more about the adult industry, and educating people who don’t know anything about the adult industry – so awesome!!

I was super excited to share my own stories and experiences and insights about the industry and adult production. I was also pretty honored to contribute to the site’s overall conversation – ELM Avenue has interviewed some really amazing people!!

So if you have about an hour (or any fraction thereof), have a listen to me and my over-sharing, socio-critical, eminent pornologist self as I talk about the work I do, how I began doing the work I do, some of the challenges I had coming up, what I think about the adult industry (in many respects), and what’s next for ol’ dr. chauntelle. Enjoy!!



ELM Avenue Show was created by the founders of extralunchmoney.com and is hosted by co-founder, Benic Way. If you prefer a bit of video with your audio, check out the skype session Ben has shared over on ELM Ave –> dr. chauntelle interview for ELM Avenue with video!!

(though the video doesn’t kick in ’til well into the interview, the still shots are super cute ;)

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share, ELM Avenue!!


* * *

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