Fleshbot interviews a *hardcore* scholar (me!!)

I recently was interviewed by Fleshbot – what an honor!!

Peter Landau asked me about my interests in adult, my favorite types of content, stigma and discrimination against porn, and whether or not it’s really getting any better… (really? it’s not, not really)

Here’s a snippet:

Peter Landau: David Aaron Clark, who used to review porn for Screw magazine, had a theory about what was popular in sex films, such as in the 1950s it was all blow jobs, for this was the forbidden fruit of the time, and by the 1990s anal was all the rage for the same reasons. Do you think he was right, is porn a window into the sexual psyche of a culture?


Chauntelle Tibbals: Absolutely, 100%, no question in my mind—porn a window into the sexual psyche of a culture. Now, it’s not the only window, nor do all types of porn reflect all types of sexualities. But the idea that porn is this one-way entity feeding arbitrary images and messages to society, which they then just uncritically pick up and adopt, is completely ludicrous. Porn and society interact synergistically, with society feeding content and content reflecting society’s myriad desires. (here)


Check out the entire interview “Dirty Words: Interview with [Sociologist] Chauntelle Tibbals, Hardcore Scholar” on Fleshbot right here.

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