Coming Sooner… (oh, the anticipation!!)

So last month I saw a little teaser trailer for a soon-to-be released film project from brilliances Lydia Lee (formerly known as adult performer Julie Meadows) and Michael Whiteacre. The film promises to explore the apparent, and somewhat surprising, alliance between the AIDS Healthcare (AHF) and Pink Cross foundations.

Interesting!!, but why is this surprising?

Well, according to the filmmakers, AHF and Pink Cross are calling for greater government regulation of the adult production industry collectively and in spite of their dramatically different political positionalities and missions.  Moreover, their motives allegedly are not as benevolent as they would like the public to think. Given the overwhelmingly positive attention these organizations’ campaigns have received from the mainstream, I am very interested to see a differently nuanced take on their efforts. (trailer here)

Sigh – so interested already, and then I got teased a little bit more…

Lee and Whiteacre released a second trailer for the same project earlier today.  This one highlights one of the more flamboyant personalities involved in this unusual alliance – Pink Cross Foundation’s Executive Director Shelley Lubben. Check it out:

An eight foot staff with point-&-biding-done capabilities? An “always open” alter with a direct line to God? A possible prophet living in California’s San Joaquin Valley?

…all I can say now is “When does this muckraking blockbuster come out??!!”

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* * *UPDATE/CLARIFICATION (1/16/11)* * *

Notice the comment from filmmaker Michael Whiteacre below – The Devil and Shelley Lubben‘s primary focus is Lubben herself and Pink Cross Foundation. Lubben’s/PCF’s involvement with larger (and presumably more powerful and “legitimate”) entities and organizations is only one aspect of the film…

…which makes me all the more curious about everything else this project may get at!! My goodness, the suspense is killing me!!