Coming Soon – Saints & Sinners, Pink Cross & AIDS Healthcare Foundation?


Now bebes, I know it’s all warm and fuzzy in many of our respective worlds right now… but in some worlds, things are tough… and in others, things are flat out manipulative and hater-ish.

Here is a teaser trailer for a soon-to-be released project from brilliances Lydia Lee (formerly known as adult performer Julie Meadows) and Michael Whiteacre.  It addresses the apparent alliance between AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and the Pink Cross Foundation – ironically, these groups are united… in opposition of the legal adult production industry.  Why is this alliance ironic? Check it out:

Now, certainly this issue is extremely complex.  Both AHF’s and Pink Cross’s respective and combined efforts regarding the regulation (and cessation?) of adult content production have received much mainstream media attention recently.  Many would argue that this coverage has been rather one-sided in favor of these groups’ collective mission(s).  I for one am very interested to see additional perspectives on and assessments of their efforts.

Some interesting discussion of this issue from AVN‘s Mark Kernes and Blog of Pro-Porn Activism’s Anthony Kennerson can be found here and here (respectively).

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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Saints & Sinners, Pink Cross & AIDS Healthcare Foundation?

  1. @Dave, I believe you are correct. This month, the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council ranked California 48th in “business friendliness,” due to its costs and burdens of government on small businesses.

    With the help of AHF’s Michael Weinstein, I’m confident this great state can go all the way to 50th!

    As for AHF the “charity,” Yahoo just released its list of the Best Charities in America ( — AHF did not make the cut (I wonder where AHF did rank?). However, I have been informed that AHF’s “Out Of The Closet” chain of thrift stores. as an entity, ranks very low on some assessment; I’ll have to look it up.

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