break time!!


dearest loves,

PVV is taking a little break, but don’t panic – it’s just through the end of the month (September, 2012)!!

I have several large projects pending and a couple more ramping up in the coming weeks. In order to fully manage all this, I am going to have to direct all my energy elsewhere for a bit.

But I’m always here if you need me!! You can always email me and/or hit me up on Twitter at @drchauntelle.

Plus, there’s so much *awesome* stuff on PVV already… Have you listened to all the podcasts (Back Stories and from the Geek Goddesses)? Read all the content reviews? If you were in one of my classes and I asked you to give me 800-1000 words regarding the socio-cultural significance of the adult industry and adult content, could you?

jk about the assignment thing… but not about all the awesome stuff there is to read here – you have plenty to enjoy while I get all my other work done!!


thanks for understanding and much love,



* * *

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