and the winner is…

I have been stricken with some sort of awful illness and have been in bed all day…

…but I know you guys are dying to know who is the winner of PVV’s first ever Screener Surprise!!

So without further ado… JM – PVV loves you!!

Here’s what JM’s Screener Surprise submission had to say:

“Dr. Chauntelle,

I really enjoy the articles and interviews on PVV! It is very hard to find a balanced, intellectual examination of the issues related to the adult industry. You never fail to provide this (along with much appreciated humor!), and seem to do so effortlessly! Thank you for all of your work!”

Awwww… this makes me so happy, even through my fevered delirium!!

Thank you so much for reading, JM!! PVV and I are forever in your debt.  I will continue to work hard and fight the good fight to live up to your expectations!! Oh, and expect a little package in the mail sometime soon xoxox

…aaaand for the rest of you, Screener Surprise winners are selected on the first of every month.

Help fight internet piracy of adult content and score some hand-picked hottness of your very own – email me a statement articulating why you just luuuv PVV, a name I can use to refer to you as, your favorite type of content (I will match it if I can), and your address (for the one-time mailing of your winnings only).  If your statement is selected, you too could be as happy as JM is right now ;)

(for more details about PVV’s Screener Surprise “contest,” go here)