and the winner is…

So guess what today is?? It’s May!!

May 1st to be exact, and I know you guys are all dying to know who’s the winner of this month’s Screener Surprise!! Sooo without further ado… Lady in White – PVV loves you!!

Here’s what Ms. White’s Screener Surprise submission had to say:

“I love Girlfriends Films. I love all the different types of movies and series they produce and all the beautiful and sexy women they find to star in them. And I love PVV for pointing out the ‘deeper level’ that can be found in so many of their movies. It’s great to know that my favorite sexy movies have that kind of ‘something more.'”

Awwww… thank you so much for reading, Ms. White!! PVV and I are forever in your debt. I will continue to work hard to live up to your expectations… and I am pretty sure that Girlfriends Films will too!! Expect a little package in the mail sometime soon!!

…aaand for those of you who may not remember, Screener Surprise was “themed” this month, offering winning selections from Girlfriends Films.

This month, Screener Surprise will redirect some of the attention from me to you. Rather than tell me what you luuuv about PVV, I want to know about You, The Producer – what would your “porn name” be and what kind of content would you make? If you could create anything, what would you like to see?

How to enter: Email me your porn name and tell me what kind of content you would produce – the funner  and more creative, the better!!

Also include your address (for the one-time mailing of your winnings only).  If your statement is selected, you too could be as happy as our Lady in White is right now!!

* * *

FYI: Screener Surprise winners are selected on the first of every month in an effort to help fight internet piracy of adult content… and to get you the *gift* of porn.