and the winner is…

Yesterday was the first if the month, or “Screener Surprise Day” as I like to call it. It was also April Fool’s Day… and it also fell right in the midst of Phoenix Forum, the premier educational/networking event for the Adult Business Community.

I was so immersed in learning about recent developments in the industry, talking with old friends and chatting up new ones, and hanging out at my pal JH’s poolside cabana (don’t judge!! a girl needs to take a little break now and again!!) that I didn’t get to announce the winner yesterday. Ummm… April Fools?

But I know you guys are dying to know who is the winner of this month’s Screener Surprise, so without further ado… SB – PVV loves you!!

Here’s what SB’s Screener Surprise submission had to say:

“I found PVV accidentally a few months ago, and I kept coming back. I am really interested in the adult industry, and it’s really hard to find someone out there who talks about this subject without an intense bias either for it or against it. Keep it up!

And by the way, the only thing better than winning a contest is free porn. So a contest where you can win free porn? I’m in!”

Awwww… thank you so much for reading, SB!! PVV and I are forever in your debt.  I will continue to work hard and fight the good fight to live up to your expectations!! Oh, and expect a little package in the mail sometime soon xoxox

…aaand for the rest of you, Screener Surprise winners are selected on the first of every month in an effort to help fight internet piracy of adult content and get you the *gift* of porn. But this month’s Screener Surprise (May 1st announcement) is going to be somewhat different. It’s themed!!

The wonderful people at Girlfriends Films have offered a selection of films for you, dear reader/potential Screener Surprise winner. So, if you want to get your hands on some of the most luscious girl-girl content around, you best follow these simple instructions:

Email me a statement articulating why you just luuuv PVV and/or Girlfriends Films, a name I can use to refer to you as, anything specific from Girlfriends Films that you would like to receive (I will try to match it if I can), and your address (for the one-time mailing of your winnings only).  If your statement is selected, you too could be as happy as SB is right now ;)

If you are unfamiliar with Girlfriends Films‘ content, here are some reviews:

Poor Little Shyla (2011)

Budapest (series)

Imperfect Angels (series)

For more details about PVV’s Screener Surprise “contest,” go here.

And expect the low down on the Phoenix Forum in a couple of days, bebes. Now I gotta get back to it!!