a week of talks!!

This is a major week of talks – last night’s Erotica Exotica and the EMP Pop Conference coming up on Friday, April 19!!

Yesterday’s Erotica Exotica panel was awesome – me, Nathaniel Burke, Conner Habib, and Mireille Miller-Young had a wonderful conversation with a PACKED room full of USC students and community members. Everyone had such great questions, and the moderators/organizers Carol and Steven were fantastic.

I absolutely love doing stuff like this – it makes me so happy to see students interested in learning something new, eager to ask their questions, and thinking critically about sex and porn and media and representation. And I love that USC is open to “allowing” these kinds of conversations… not every institution of higher-ed is.



(pictured: my fancy placard)



(pictured: left to right – me, Steven, Conner, Nate, Mireille, and Carol)


And now (since there’s no rest for this sociologist), I get to prepare for my upcoming talk “Beyond ‘Porn Funk’ – socio-cultural evolutions of music in adult content, past and present” – super excited!! If you’re in LA on Friday, April 19, you should come!! Registration is *free* and open to the public.

More soon, but if you want a little teaser, the conference website is —> here.



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