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haha but seriously – recently a quote from yours truly was featured in a press release regarding AMK’s super cute ’80s teen sex comedy Revenge of the Petites (2012). The headline read: “’Revenge of the Petites’ College Comedy Receives Straight A’s from Critics.”

And though I will never understand the occasionally engaged, highly rule-breaking “convention” of putting movie titles in quotes, I was happy that my assessment of the film was included amongst the likes of XCritic‘s Don Houston and Fleshbot‘s Gram Ponante. Yay!!

Anyway, (most of) the press release is copied below, and you can read my review of Revenge of the Petites in its entirety here (and you can read about my adventures at the film’s premier here) – enjoy!!

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“Revenge of the Petites” College Comedy Receives Straight A’s from Critics

Widespread Media Acclaim & Reviews Boost Sales of Revolutionary Adult Comedy Feature from AMKingdom.com!

June 5, 2012 — TARZANA, CA — AMKingdom.com is racking up rave reviews from critics and fans with its mega-hit feature, “Revenge of the Petites.” Available exclusively through Exile Distribution, the 3-disc set contains nearly 8 hours of content, including the original feature movie, extended sex scenes, interviews, and a behind-the-scenes documentary.  Retailers and distributors should stock up and cash in on this one-of-a-kind release, as the reviews show “Revenge of the Petites” stacks up as the most highly acclaimed adult film of the year.

“Revenge of the Petites” is an original feature capturing the essence of the 80’s hysterical coming-of-age comedies.  It is the first feature to successfully merge niche markets like petites, hairy, and exotic with traditional adult elements. Tying all the niches together is an original, feel-good story with heart, as well a huge budget, 23 adult stars, 30 extras, and original music. CraveOnline.com, British GQ, AVN, XBIZ, and other high-profile media outlets raved about the film’s red-carpet theatrical premiere in Los Angeles last month; the DVD release has continued to generate outstanding press.

Named an XBIZ Editor’s Choice, Managing Editor Dan Miller hails the movie as “a funny and thoughtful homage to American coming-of-age comedies such as ‘Revenge of the Nerds,’ ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ ‘American Pie,’ and even ‘The Graduate’… more than just a sex movie. The film looks great and captures a nice nostalgic vibe that should have viewers digging through their old VHS tapes for a John Hughes fix.”

AVN’s Peter Warren calls “Revenge of the Petites” “one of the absolute must-see adult motion pictures of 2012,” and “a lot of infectious fun…likely to pull in many a customer.”

“All of your high school fantasies have come true (or at least all the movie-related ones have) with ATKingdom.com’s release of “Revenge of the Petites”,” says Devon Ashby of popular mainstream entertainment site CraveOnline.com. “With its cuddly nostalgia quotient, story, characters, and cinematography, ‘Revenge of the Petites’ simultaneously recalls a more glorious phase in the history of the adult industry, and glorifies the adolescent, boob-obsessed silliness that makes porn so appealing to begin with.”

“A top-notch production from AMK Empire and director Harry Sparks,” says consumer fu_q on Adult DVD Talk. “In all honesty, everything is done perfectly here, and this is really how porn should be made, There’s plenty of tease, hot sex, and a fun 80s-themed plot in this one which is much more original than it is parody. This one’s a definite winner.”

Gram Ponante of Fleshbot.com writes, “’Revenge of the Petites’ really does evoke innocent fun movies like ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ and ‘Weird Science.’ Not only does it appeal to the demographic that would remember the reference material, but also their elders…. it is also sweet, and you just want to do horrible/wonderful things to Marie McCray all the way through it.”

“All I can say is “Wow!” raves Rosco Fuji for AdultDVDTalk.com. “With over 8 hours of material packed into the 3 disks, you know this collection should do quite well come awards time in January. Very high quality, excellent production values. Get 2 copies of this, one for yourself and one as a present.”

Don Houston of XCritic.com calls “Revenge of the Petites” “a great alternative to the plethora of parodies or cheapo knockoffs populating the shelves of retailers…a proverbial breath of fresh air… a movie that will undoubtedly earn a number of awards in the future…Highly Recommended!”

And Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D., a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California, sums up “Revenge of the Petites” as “one of the most refreshing films I’ve seen in a long time… All the components of this film are woven together in a way that is both refreshing and a nice nod to days of porn-making long past.”

“How porn should be made,” adds AdultDVDTalk.com blogger Marv Montag.  “Just about everything has been done right in this release… All in all, ‘Revenge of the Petities’ is pretty much everything that a porno should be.  There’s awesome acting, a real plot, sex scenes that don’t drag out the rest of the production, a second disc with full versions of the sex scenes, and a third that’s loaded with extra material (i.e. ‘Making of’ and ‘Interviews’).  Further, the production values are top-notch, as is the packaging.  This one is definitely worth checking out.”

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