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So as we know, awards season 2012 is coming to the world of adult. XBIZ has already announced its finalist nominees for their 2012 awards (PVV got one for “Adult Site of the Year – Portal/Hub” – eeeeyah!!), and AVN’s award nominees are coming soon – yay!!

Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m one of those sorts who just loves to re/watch all the movies as soon as the big award nominations come out. You know – I watch all the Golden Globe and Oscar noms before the winners are announced… that sort of thing.

So, in the spirit of nominee honor (and maybe also in the spirit of my fantastic vetting abilities), here’re some of the 2012 award-nominated-so-far adult films and projects that PVV has already reviewed… just for you… just in case you missed ‘em ;)


Fighters (Digital Playground): Feature Movie of the Year


This Ain’t Dracula XXX (Hustler): Parody Release of the Year – Drama

This Ain’t Lady Gaga XXX (Hustler): Parody Release of the Year – Comedy


Here Cums the President (Goodnite Media): Vignette Release of the Year


Budapest series (Girlfriends Films): All-Girl Release of the Year (nom is for part 2 in this series)


A Wet Dream on Elm Street (Tom Byron Pictures): Parody Release of the Year – Comedy; Director of the Year – Individual Project (Lee Roy Myers)


Killer Bodies (Adam & Eve): Feature Movie of the Year; Director of the Year – Individual Project (David Lord)


Hard Bodies (Elegant Angel): Gonzo Release of the Year

Portrait of a Call Girl (Elegant Angel): Feature Movie of the Year; Director of the Year – Individual Project (Graham Travis)


The Rocki Whore Picture Show (Wicked Pictures): Parody Release of the Year – Comedy; Director of the Year – Individual Project (Brad Armstrong)

Horizon (Wicked Pictures): Feature Movie of the Year; Director of the Year – Individual Project (Sam Hain)


Sex Dolls (Studio A Entertainment): All-Sex Release of the Year


The Flinstones: A XXX Parody (New Sensations): Parody Release of the Year – Comedy

Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody (New Sensations): Parody Release of the Year – Comedy


Taxi series (Juicy Pink Box): Vignette Series of the Year


Rezervior Doggs (Exquisite Films): Parody Release of the Year – Drama


The Simpsons: The XXX Parody (Full Spread Entertainment): Marketing Campaign of the Year


Dang!!! And most of these tiles received XBIZ nominations for technical work and individual performances in addition to the ones listed… it’s just that my eyes are crossing with trying to sift through it all. For a complete listing of the 2012 XBIZ awards and nominees, go here.

In the spirit is my everyday self, think I am going to focus some energy on reviewing other award nominees during the month of December… because goodness knows I have a lot of content to choose from ;)

Congrats to all the nominees… so faaar!!

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One thought on “2012 award-worthy…

  1. Howdy!
    I liked the article because it touches on a subject I care so much about, sometimes very passionately. Even though I’ve cut back on reviewing in the last year, reviewing about 300 titles, I’ve still watched twice as many or more all the way through (and I get to largely cherry pick from the best of the best as it were).

    Award season for me means catching up on all the titles I missed that have been nominated (I did some nominating this year too) and revisiting those in line to get specific awards (scene, technical attribute, etc) or performances that friends insist will change my mind about a particular performer. I have long been interested in the methodology used by specific award shows and that of the judges involved, getting enough of an insider scoop to believe that the frequent claims that “they are all payoffs to advertisers” or that “so and so won because she blew half the judges” are a load of crap.

    First off, I have seen some hardcore lobbying and scores of full page ads in trade magazines result in no awards at all. Other times, I saw some of the friendliest (cough) performers shot down by peers that were simply better at sex on camera who were not engaged in a lot of behind the scenes jockeying or social media.

    Second, from an industry perspective, there are only three domestic award shows that truly count for anything along the lines of bragging rights when it comes to movies; AVN, XRCO, and XBiz. This isn’t to say others are completely worthless but having spoken to a few of the “judges” at other events (three company-related ones, others that were reliant on a publisher selecting his favorites alone, and others that are run as almost counter culture attempts to suggest their star chambers are better than the aforementioned, solely based on sour grapes), or watched electronic ballot box stuffing on fan based shows, I think I have a pretty fair perspective based on facts rather than innuendos or conspiracy theories.

    Because I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to what I like, how I pick one over another, or show a willingness to openly discuss methodology, it leaves me open to the slings and arrows of the small virtual mobs out there. Of particular note are the fanboys, the divas (male and female), and the people that insulate themselves so effectively against constructive criticism that they are blind to reality. I recall one diva rambling on at length at why she should have won performer of the year because she took the largest cocks in her ass so well, my counter being that extreme queens are a dime a dozen and the often mechanical look on her face during scenes rendered her work as very “hit or miss” resulting in her attempts to discredit my opinion (yes, matching IP addresses given by a forum manager have proven very helpful).

    Then, given the sheer magnitude of how many titles, performers, and others are nominated, pre-nominated, or even suggested as award worthy in a given year, the last minute crush to check them out is an insurmountable task for those that have yet to really watch even a portion of them all (not scan through, spot check, or glance at a cover/someone else’s review). I suppose limiting how many are nominated in a category would make such awards more believable but understand the business reality that requires so many get to bask in the “I was nominated” light to assuage possible hurt feelings. Heck, I set aside weeks on end each award season spending 16+ hour days to fill in the blanks and even I have trouble voting in all the major categories.

    As far as specific awards, there are some so clearly better than others that it should be easy to select the best of the batch in many cases, a few missed nominations surprising to me but porn is often compared to high school for a reason. Look for more over the next two months… :)

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