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I’m not much of a rabble rouser (well, at least not overtly ;)

…but I definitely appreciate a good rabble roused. I also appreciate folks who take action – those individuals who identify a problem, figure out a solution, and work to accomplish the steps necessary to bring that solution to fruition.

So given all that, I can’t help but appreciate Nate Glass.

Nate, a singular badass who spent some of his formative years in the great state of Texas, is most directly related to my interests and endeavors via his mission to eradicate forces of nefarious evil plaguing the adult industry today.

Nate works to take down piracy.

Let me explain…

As many of you may know, the scourge that is content piracy is currently plaguing the adult industry. Entities in various forms steal content from adult producers, and then proceed to blast it out, for free, all over the interwebs. This is, at minimum, copyright infringement… which is illegal (and really obnoxious).

But who do you call when you find a snippet of your creative production being distributed illegally via the interwebs? There’s no internet strike force; no mom-type is gonna swoop in and make them behave; and chances are, emailing the webmaster/pirate a friendly “please stop that” is going to be fruitless. So how do you reclaim your property in instances of such thievery?

Well, according to 1998’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), an internet service provider (ISP) is not accountable for the content traveling on its bandwidth (among other things). Thus, people can upload whatever they want as far as their ISP’s are concerned; however, once an ISP is aware that they are supporting pirated content, they’re legally obligated to remove it.


Enter what has colloquially become known as a DMCA notice.

DMCA notices let ISPs know, in some sort of legally binding-type way, that they’re hosting pirated content. In other words, issuing a legit DMCA notice about X bit of content obliges the relevant ISP to remove said bit of content.

But have you ever looked at these sites where free adult content abounds? There is TONS of stuff there!! How do you find your content, put together the correct notice, send it to the appropriate person, and then follow up to ensure that your property has been removed? Who has time for all that?? And who the heck even knows how to do it all (correctly)?

Enter Nate Glass.

Through a series of fortunate mis/adventures that include many trips to jail and the world’s longest road trip, Nate started Takedown Piracy in 2009. Very simply, Takedown Piracy (TDP) gets pirated content removed from the interwebs via the systematic issuance of DMCA notices. At this time, TDP and Nate Glass are responsible for getting over 2.3 million copyright infringements removed.

Bad. Ass.

But don’t take my word about any of this. Nate explains it far better himself, and he recently took the time out to tell me his story. If you’re looking for a lesson in principled awesomeness, give it a listen.

Dr. Chauntelle interviews Takedown Piracy‘s Nate Glass:


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Whooosh!! Do you feel inspired to fight the forces of evil too??

I learned a lot from my conversation with Nate and was really inspired by his integrity and passion. I was also more than a little titillated by the brashy sassy way he handles his critics (read: haters and pouters that are sad because he makes them have to stop stealing). Follow him on twitter at @tdpnate and/or @takedownpiracy or check out the blog-ish updates on Takedown Piracy’s website to get a taste.

And as you all certainly know, I do not re/post press release materials; however I cannot resist the no-nonsense awesome of this little snippet:

“Takedown Piracy (TDP) is an anti-piracy service started in April of 2009.  The service was founded by adult industry veteran Nate Glass, who has been in the adult industry for over 13 years.  TDP offers copyright holders an affordable and highly effective means to fight back against content thieves.  For less than the cost of a part-time, minimum wage worker, copyright holders can benefit from Glass’ expertise and passion for protecting copyrighted content from thieves.  To date, TDP has removed over 2.3 million content infringements.  200 piracy websites are closely monitored to always provide clients with immediate service and protection.  Every month detailed reports are provided to clients with each action taken on their behalf.  A price can’t be placed on trust, but with Takedown Piracy, clients can be sure the company has their best interest in mind 100% of the time.  For more information, visit

To view a statistical breakdown of infringements removed by Takedown Piracy, visit

To better understand why to use Takedown Piracy’s unrivaled services, visit”

Awesome. Wholly awesome bad ass kicking.

* * *

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