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Starting a line of sports team-themed bullet vibrators is a great way to bring family together!!

Dreaming up color schemes, giggling over endless double entendres, and finding creative ways to reach out to local businesses and mainstream industries – could there be a more creatively stimulating bonding experience!!?

I would think no, but starting a line of sports team-themed bullet vibrators with your sister-in-law isn’t all fun and games. How do I know? Well, I recently had the opportunity to speak with the lovely and amazing Nancy MI.

Nancy (who lives in Michigan, hence the MI) is a 40ish mother of three, an adventurous lover of life (including the epic cold), and one of the kindest and most gracious human beings ever. She and her sister-in-law also developed Sporty Vibe. In addition to everything else, they’re the vibrator moms…

…except that they’re not. Nancy took some time out to share a little bit about her experiences developing her own amazingly unique novelty line, her subsequent experiences with the adult industry, her resulting experiences with folks outside the industry, and so many other amazing and endearing things. Have a listen!!


Isn’t Nancy amazing??!!

Aside from these bits of creative genius…

“Let SportyVibeâ„¢ find your Sweet Spot, Alabama! Cut loose in Tuscaloosa tonight with a SportyVibe in Red and White!” (here)

“Hey Reb! Let this scarlet-and-grey SportyVibeâ„¢ arouse your Rebel spirit. And when you’ve sent the Wolf Pack packing, you’ll be the one howling at the moon!” (here)

and of course, my favorite:

“Feel like going… long? Well, you can go even longer with this Vibe for the Orange and White! Take the bull by the ‘Horns, and Sporty up!” (hehe here)

…Nancy’s stories and experiences tell us much – both good and bad, lovely and moderately meh – about humanity.

(pictured: home, office, Sporty!!)

Nancy speaks to family, vision, creativity, bonding, support, and thinking beyond the box (not just outside it). Her perspective gets at both doing and experiencing life.

But not everything is sunshine and roses. Nancy’s experiences developing Sporty Vibe also speak to the persistent deep-seated stigma still associated with adult novelties and sex – though many people love her product, they’re often afraid to get involved; though many people are able to see the health benefits Sporty Vibes may provide to all sorts of humans, well… people get stuck on the sex part.

It’s interesting, and it’s a little disheartening.

But that’s why we’re lucky to have Nancy, and her sister-in-law, and the rest of her family – Sporty Vibes are working to create a little space in our culture’s sex blockade.

Check out Sporty Vibe at and/or be Sporty’s friend on Twitter at @SportyVibe. You can also talk to Nancy MI herself at


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Images courtesy of Nancy MI and Sporty Vibe.

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