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We all know about the organic production of media – someone writes some stream-of-consciousness-esque prose while cracked out in Vegas or backpacking through Europe, then the text gets “discovered” years later and changes peoples’ lives overnight. Or maybe someone writes a script when they’re twenty, takes some grainy footage in their grandma’s basement, and wins an Oscar that same year.  That’s how it works, right?


But that’s how it works in adult isn’t it? – some guy films a random collection of folks getting it on, burns a few DVDs or uploads a couple clips to his website, and voilá – porn!  Right?


In professional adult film production, filming the sex is only one aspect of a ginormous (that would be gigantically enormous) overall project.  There are literally hundreds of hours worth of pre- and post-production labor that go into every scene. Consider: someone… well, really several someones… must secure a location, coordinate the set, manage the budget, assemble a cast and crew, photograph stuff, and market the content to distributors and consumers – whoosh!!

And someone must also complete what may be the most significant step of all, the step that can really make or break any project – someone must edit it.

In the world of adult, that someone is Sonny “Smutcutter” Malone.

Sonny, whose “Malone” is a partial homage to none other than THE Nomi Malone, isn’t the only editor in adult production; but she’s one of the most experienced and respected. She’s been polishing and refining porn for over twenty years… all so consumers can seamlessly insert their imaginations into the action. She has worked with some of the most respected production houses in the business, including Playboy, Vivid, and Burning Angel, and has won the AVN Award for Best Editing… twice!! (2005 and 2006… plus she’s been nominated for others)

Sonny took some time out to chat with PVV recently – she and I talked about her serendipitous entry into the adult industry, some of her favorite projects, and what it’s like to be a woman in the business (among many other things). Have a listen to our fascinating conversation…


W O W!! Think about all the twists and turns life can take… Think about what can be accomplished with a little (well, probably a whole lot of) determination… Think about the experience of being a woman working and being successful in what’s traditionally a “man’s” occupation – dang!!

Simply on the basis of her presence alone, Sonny challenges stereotypes and adds a dimension of complexity to adult production. Her successes in a field that is commonly populated with men has helped break down gender barriers in the workplace for over twenty years now. We are all a little freer, with a little more space to pursue our dreams, because Sonny decide to go for hers.

Tell Sonny you love her!! Follow her on Twitter at @Smutcutter – the editrix extraordinaire!!

**Fun Bonus!!**

Sonny has worked on A LOT of projects over the years (check out an itemization of only some of them on her imdb page here). Here are a few of her favorites…

– Hot Property (1991) – this is the very first film Sonny edited for Sin City back in 1991!!

– The New Devil in Miss Jones (2005), for which Sonny won an AVN Award for Best Editing in 2006. Buy it here.


– The Masseuse (2004), for which Sonny won an AVN Award for Best Editing in 2005. Buy it here.


– Catwalk (1995) – another gem from Sin City!! Watch it on VOD here.


– …and a super exciting new release coming soon from Burning Angel Entertainment – I’m not gonna give away too much about this one; but if Sonny loves it and it’s from Burning Angel, it’s bound to be excellent!!

(oh ok… one little teaser – it’s a kung fu movie!!)

* * *

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