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Dominant and submissive.

Caning, candle wax and fire, metal, electric shocks, hogtied femme dom strap on, scrotal inflation, water bondage, and bound gangbang surrender.

It’s all kink.

Some of you may now be leaning forward in interest, and others may be recoiling in horror. And some of you may be yawning. And that’s all good, as long as you know this – right now, somewhere, someone is engaging in any number (and more) of the above mentioned sorts of “play.”

BDSM and fetish kink play, when done respectfully and knowledgeably amongst and between consenting adults, brings joy, happiness, and fulfillment. It establishes community, creates social connections, and provides opportunity for entertainment and growth. In many ways, it’s like playing inter-mural or community baseball (or whatever sport you like).

Except that it’s different.

Because BDSM and kink have to do with sex (even though sex is not necessarily always had) and because BDSM has to do with what appears to be a more extreme version of sex practice, many people shy away. And though BDSM communities are vibrant and thriving across the US and beyond, they are often misrepresented and commonly marginalized.

So what happens when you produce very heavy, very authentic BDSM and kink-fetish porn? Because you’re involved with both BDSM and porn, perhaps your social circles get smaller and the measure of stigma you experience gets greater…?

This was my guess, but, since I’m not a porn producer of very heavy BDSM content, I didn’t know for sure. Luckily, I recently had the great honor of speaking with Jimmy Broadway.

(pictured: Jimmy Broadway)

Jimmy and his wife, Mistress D Severe, run Severe Society Films, purveyors of very heavy and authentic kink content. Both Jimmy and Mistress D work as directors and performers, crafting individual and collaborative projects that meet the needs of very discerning clientele, consumers, and viewers.

Jimmy and I had a wonderful chat in Severe Society’s live-work space, where we were kept company by his three adorable dogs. We talked about his path into the community as a practitioner, the emergence of Severe Society, and the ways in which porn itself is further refined within the BDSM niche (among other things). Have a listen – I promise, it’s nothing like you’d imagine… (or maybe it is)



Dang!! Jimmy’s perspective, be it about authenticity, safety, respect, partnerships, or business, really turns conventional ideologies on their head.

Except that it doesn’t.

What could be more “conventional” – really more simple and honorable – than notions of safety, respect, acknowledgement, and the freedom to live autonomously. Not “everyone live their lives in the same way,” but live authentically and allow others to do so as well. If we as a culture could get over those pesky hang ups and judgements about sex and sex practice, we could get closer to being free. We could learn a lot from Jimmy.

Or maybe we just did…

(pictured: that’s Jimmy’s back, and that fire is real)

One day soon, Jimmy and I are going to talk more specifically about his work as a performer, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can follow him on Twitter at @FetishDirector. You can check out his work at Severe Society

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Images courtesy of Jimmy Broadway and Severe Society Films.

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