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Imagine you’re 70… or 80… or maybe even 94 years old, and you’ve reached the end of your time on this earth. Naturally, because no one really knows what happens next (if anything), you start to reflect on everything you’ve experienced – joys, sorrows, all the things you’ve done, and everything you wish you’d tried.

For most folks, not working as a porn performer is probably not something they’d regret. And that’s all well and good – porn’s not for everyone (neither is working as a kindergarten teacher, a forest ranger, a dentist, or a politician).

But for Richie Calhoun, the thought of reaching the end of his days with some interesting stone left unturned prompted him to explore one of his anathemic dreams – working as an adult performer. So, after much reflection and quite a bit of adult industry-casing (cuz you gotta know what you’re getting yourself into), Mr. Calhoun decided to take the plunge…

Now, approximately/exactly one year and one quarter later, Richie is crafting quite the career for himself: scene work, in-depth feature roles, romance, and now even a little bit of kink. Richie puts quite a bit of thought into every role he accepts, seeing each as an integral piece to an overall whole.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, why don’t I let Richie explain… Recently, he took some time out to chat with me about his experiences in the adult industry, and you can have a listen – there’re some fascinating insights kicking around in Richie’s brain!!

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Love, personal growth and exploration, autonomy, happiness… and porn? Yes.

For those of you who haven’t quite figured it out, we as a society create a vast array of narratives and fictions. We use these “stories” to help us make sense of what people and social phenomena are “like” – kindergarten teachers, forest rangers, dentists, and politicians are all “like” something that makes sense to us both culturally and individually. It’s a big process.

As a society, we’ve created a pretty complex and largely uninformed story about what adult entertainment and the adult entertainment industry are like. This includes a rather complex and uninformed story about what men porn performers are like. For many (most) men working as talent, this story is fairly untrue.

(pictured: Richie)

For Richie Calhoun, who has also gone by just plain Richie and – even better – Richie’s Brain, his work as an adult performer is not about heterosexism or hegemony. It’s also not about exploiting or demeaning women, nor is it about stunting the soul or taking unhealthy physical and/or emotional risks.

For Richie Calhoun, working as an adult performer is about love – expressing a version of love, sharing a version of love, and perhaps inspiring love in others. It’s about living his life, the only one he knows he’s got, in a way that he feels will be to its fullest. It’s about community and autonomy – collective and individual happiness.

Or at least, that’s what I got out of my conversation with him,

You too can get to know a little about Richie – follow him on Twitter at @RichiesBrain.

(pictured: Richie again)

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