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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taste (or habitus, as it were) – everyone has their own taste, a unique and developing product of their own lived experience.

That being said, because everyone lives a different life, everyone has different tastes. Everyone likes and dislikes different things. Duh.

Here are some of the things I like: the desert; redheads; and badass women who are creative, run shit, and challenge stereotypes

So when I recently came across Kristin Wynters… well, let’s just say I was overcome with “like”!!

Kristin is the Sales Director for Pink Visual. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Pink Visual is a porn company that operates where the adult industry and developing technology intersect.

Pink Visual began as an internet-based content provider of “reality” and gonzo porn in the early 2000s and has since expanded into DVD production; however, what really sets the company apart is its love of technology.

As an organization, Pink Visual seems to spend the better part of its time finding ways to improve consumers’ experiences through the innovative incorporation of cutting-edge tools and techniques. This means making quality content that can be accessed in just about every platform and/or way imaginable (among many other things). Amongst their peers, Pink Visual’s technological innovations are pretty much beyond compare.

So somewhere in all that mix is Kristin, a 30-year-old “GingerBot” powerhouse who took some time to answer a few questions about her work with Pink Visual and her life in the industry – read on!!

Hi hi hi Kristin!! I’m so super excited to get to know more about you!! Let’s start with a basic – how long have you worked in the adult industry?

“I have worked in the adult industry since July of 2002 after I graduated from the University of Arizona. Allison [Vivas, the current president of Pink Visual] and I were actually roommates during undergrad, and she graduated a year ahead of me.  In July, after I was done with college, I was looking for work and a position had opened up at TopBucks, our online affiliate program. This was well before the Pink Visual brand was established.

When I first started with TopBucks, I worked heavily with webmasters on ways to market our sites and program to them. But after a short stint, I went to work for a leased feeds company that specialized in big dick content. It was huge at the time. After a short while there, I began to date the boss, who became my husband and father of our two boys.

Ha! Scaaaandalous, Ginger Spice!! jkjk That’s actually really sweet – an office romance!! But how then did you get to Pink Visual?

During my second pregnancy, I went back to work for TopBucks… but this time I was specializing in their leased feeds product, PluginFeeds. With this new product, we began to brand Pink Visual as a quality, reality-based content producer.

We then began to expand our operations more and get involved with the Video on Demand (VOD) side of things. Then we opened where I was the Marketing and Sales Coordinator. We had also launched a social site, another affiliate program, and a few other off-projects.

Good-ness that’s a lot of sites and companies and services and things!! And I’m sure there were more…

Yeah… but then, as an organization, we began to concentrate our focus solely on mobile and growing the Pink Visual brand as a technology-based porn company. I then became the Sales Director and began to oversee everything that was sales-related to our affiliate program.

This included TopBucks and TopBucksMobile, as well as Pink Visual. At this point, I have worked on content sales, VOD, licensing, retail and distribution and most currently on our mobile sites and programs. Oh, and I manage remote sales reps that span from Iowa to Belarus and handle sales for everything else related to Pink Visual.

Dang!! Your work doesn’t sound ‘pornographic’ at all haha!! So, what actually got you into the industry? Certainly not just Alli[son Vivas]… What did you do before?

Before the industry, I never watched porn. After Alli graduated, I needed a new roommate and ended up with this guy Dan. I remember he would come home from the bars, drunk and wanting to watch porn. We didn’t subscribe to the channel, but that didn’t stop him – we watched scrambled porn.

…good god ‘guys’…

I remember seeing some chic getting bent over a urinal and not feeling very turned on at all. That’s what porn was to me.

So given my ‘love’ of porn (really, lack thereof), it was quite surprising when I took a job with a porn company… however, in hindsight, I always knew I would end up with a job outside the ‘normal’ realm.

Anyway, during college I studied Retail and Consumer Sciences.  Two years after I graduated, I continued and went on to receive my MBA with a dual concentration in e-Business and Marketing. What I actually do now just sort of makes sense, in terms of my education that is.

And I do hope to go back to school one day for my Ph.D. in Consumer Psychology, and I would love to do my dissertation on porn consumers and their use of technology.

Oh my god I wish, wish, wish you would do that – that’s an area involving a series of behaviors that everyone talks about, but no one actually studies or knows anything about. Do it!!

Haha well we’ll see! It depends on how nice the GRE [Graduate Ready Exam] is to me!

Oh, I have a feeling you are going to do just fine on that… So, what’s the best thing about being in the business? And what do you find most challenging?

Well, first little background… My dad always said I would be a salesperson, and I never wanted to believe him. I actually began college as an Atmospheric Science major; I wanted to focus on tornadoes…


…but after one semester of Physics and Calculus, still just being a freshman, I was let go from the University with a whopping .714 GPA! I was told that I would need to go to another school for one year and maintain a 3.0 GPA – only then would they consider re-admission.

Oh, and they said I couldn’t come back as an Atmospheric Science major.


So that left me to find a new major during the summer and completely re-evaluate what I wanted to do with my life. Then, in just one day, after talking to two separate people who both told me the same thing, ‘Go into marketing or advertising,” I did. I ended up getting back into the University, but this time as a Retail major, and I still completed my degree in four years.

Dang!! Whoever gave you that advice, definitely knew you well!!

Yeah… so, after graduating and getting out into the real world, I found myself always succeeding in one area – sales. I never wanted to admit I was good at it; but finally, about two years ago, I came to the realization that I will in fact be a salesperson… for life.

The best thing about business, for me, is being a strong woman who is intelligent and has the ability to sell and keep up with the big boys. Sometimes I find that to be challenging, but overall it has been a benefit to my career. And as we know, I’m also a Ginger, so that helps too!

Personally, I like challenges and would be bored if I didn’t have them. I don’t find any one thing to be the ‘most challenging’ thing in general. What’s challenging actually changes from day to day.

Technologies are constantly changing; and, with Pink Visual in the forefront, we are always optimizing our sites for a better surfer experience. The dwindling economy, crazy weather, and general life distractions make it challenging to forecast sales and consumer behavior. And when you add to all that inter-office politics and my own personal life… well, that’s an incredible culmination of challenges that lie in every day.

Wow. When you put it like that, I guess the challenges you face are no different than those faced by people working in any for-profit business…

So, if I can be nosy, you just mentioned your personal life… Has working in the industry affected your personal life at all?

The industry hasn’t affected my personal life too much, but I think it helps that my husband in the industry too. As my children get older and I get more involved, I do worry about ‘Kristin Wynters’ being associated with porn; however, I am slowly getting more used to the correlation.

I volunteer at my children’s school and as soccer coach at the local YMCA. Those types of things are very important to me, and I think having a balanced work and personal life are key to a healthy and happy career.”

(pictured: Kristin at the XBiz Awards)

Desert-based ginger badass lady - that’s Ms. Kristin Wynters.

But there is certainly more… Kristin’s experiences tell us much about self-discovery and growth, not to mention how everyday lives in business and in porn are not all that different from… yours (probably).

There are lots of ways to get ahold of Kristin, and she’s really nice – show her some love, bebes!!

ICQ#: 147-945-440

Skype: gingerbot

Twitter: @Sales_GingerBot

520.290.0910 x267

* * *

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