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Holiday food drives, breast cancer walks, water system construction for schools in South Africa – these are the preoccupations of Peace Corp volunteers, community center organizers… and porn stars. Wait, what?!!

Yes –  jessica drake, one of the most beautiful and prolific women to have ever fucked on film is also passionately dedicated to making the world a better place. jessica took a break between gearing up for an upcoming LA-area food drive and her work as the wickedest girl (ever!) to answer a few questions for Porn Valley Vantage – read on!!

So let’s start off with the basics: how long have you worked in the industry, and what exactly do you do?

“I’ve been in adult for ten years, seven of which have been with Wicked Pictures. I am a performer, writer, and director… plus I host my own radio show on Playboy Radio, Sirius, and XM 99 called ‘IN BED with jessica drake’…and I run my website, feature dance, do bookstore and convention appearances, write an online column for LA After Dark, and lately I’ve been creating a line of sexual instructional/inspirational DVDs geared towards women and couples.

That’s it? (jk) Well, what exactly got you into the business? What did you do before?

I was living in Texas, stripping my way through college at a leisurely pace. I decided that I wanted to feature dance and contacted an agency. Through that agency, I met a handful of amazing people that happened to be directly connected with adult movies. They struck me as the most open, interestingly sexual people, and I was drawn in. I did take a while before actually plunging into porn, but I’m so glad I did!

Slooow… so, what’s your favorite thing about working as talent? What’s most surprising, unexpected, or challenging?

Honestly, I love the acting just as much as the sex! It’s usually more difficult, though. I think anyone can have sex, but to find a character within yourself and keep it going during the sex without coming across as a stereotypical ‘cheesy porn actor’ is a challenge – one that I take very seriously.

The ‘most surprising’ thing to me was finding a degree of professionalism [in the industry] that I wasn’t prepared for. And I wasn’t necessarily expecting to find such success with such an amazing company [Wicked Pictures]. I’ve been able to fulfill some of my most cherished dreams, and it just keeps going…  I’m a firm believer in ‘everything happens for a reason,’ and I consider myself very lucky!

I hear that a lot, about the professionalism thing – that’s really great, but it’s funny how no one expects it!! So, what about the other aspects of your work in the business?  What else do you do, and are there any challenges or ‘best things’ associated with those aspects of your work?

(pictured: jessica with her little dog Big)

Well, I pretty much can and will do every single job on set – with the exception of makeup (I was a tomboy!) and lighting (I’m learning!), I write, direct, perform, build sets and decorate them, do wardrobe, be a PA, cater …really, you name it!! I think the biggest challenges come when I’m directing a movie and I try to do all of those things at once.

haha you’re a regular Renaissance Girl!! So, has working in the industry affected your personal life at all?

Not really, though it does limit my free time. I do work a lot, but I still find time to relax and have friends, some in the business, some not. Actually, I think maybe I did give up some sense of privacy. I’ve been recognized quite a bit, sometimes when I least expected it.

Well, I guess that’s a small price to pay!! Now, let’s switch gears some? In addition to your ‘work life,’ I know that you’re involved in several service-type projects… Can you tell me a little about that stuff?

Well I’ve never really talked about any of that before, but… Every year I do the Avon Breast Cancer Marathon, I host a food drive for the LA Food Bank (that starts in a few days!), and I also work with a group that travels internationally doing various types of volunteer work. A few months ago, I spent three weeks in Siem Reap, Cambodia building water systems for schools, and next July I’ll be traveling to Nairobi, Kenya.

(pictured: jessica in Soweto, South Africa)

I’ve always been involved in charity work, but I really love the hands-on approach. I am fortunate to have traveled all over the world for work; and every time I go somewhere, I try to learn about that culture and help out a cause in some way. In South Africa, I’ve appeared at an adult convention for the past two years. Afterwards, I visit some of the poorer parts of Soweto [an area of Johannesburg] and an orphanage. Each time I visit they remember me, and I get an even better understanding of the dire need for help.

It’s hard to put my philosophy into words, but in a nutshell – I think the world is in bad shape in so many ways. If people just did something, anything, to help on a semi-regular basis, we’d change that course some. I think people might not know where to begin or what cause to help; but with the evolution of social networking, I’ve been given so much support by followers, friends, and fans. So many people want to help, so I’m trying to harness those resources in whatever ways I can. My motto is ‘to do something good you have to do something.’ Just help.

As an added bonus, I also feel like I’m inadvertently challenging the ‘porn star’ stereotype while I’m doing something good for the community.

I would say so!! You’re also providing a great example of ‘leading by doing’ – it’s really wonderful!! So, given all your efforts and projects, where do you see yourself in five years?

I wish I knew – I’m no mind-reader though!! I think that this business has changed so quickly over the last few years, and of course we are always changing as people… what I say today could be the opposite of what’s happening five years down the road. Who really knows!? But I do know this: I’ll be happy ;)

(pictured: jessica IN BED)

Is there anything else you’d like to add or share? What do people need to know about you?

I’d love people to know that I love my fans 100% – they are the reason I’ve gotten this far, and I’ll keep going as long as they want me. I also want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who listens to my radio show, all the members of my site, the people that buy Wicked’s movies, and the people that come to see me at appearances. I am also grateful to have the promotion and support of the number one company in the adult industry. I’ll always be a Wicked Girl!!”

That jessica – she’s the only person I’ve ever known who’s both purely selfless and purely Wicked.

Get to know this wonderful woman at,, and, and/or tune in to “IN BED with jessica drake” on Tuesdays from 2-4 pm (PST) on Playboy Radio (Sirius and XM 99). You can also get your own piece of jessica drake at – yummm!!

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