Back Stories – Elegant Pleasure Parties’ Susan Compton

There’re some pretty culturally-standard building blocks that go into many people’s My Dream Job mix…

(because although we’re all unique and special snowflakes, we’re all also similarly processed/socialized beings)

Autonomy and control over one’s time and decision-making capacity are major ones, as is the opportunity to be both energetic and creative. Fun, travel, meeting new people, and doing something that contributes to a wider human social good may all also get thrown in there from time to time.

But who the heck gets to do all that?

Meet Susan Compton, owner/founder (and queen!!) of Elegant Pleasure Parties.

(pictured: Susan Compton)

Imagine you and a bunch of your friends (including couples!!) are looking to learn more about adult novelties. Though there’re many people who are down, for various reasons, you and your friends don’t want to go charging into the local sex shop. Same thing with E-tailers (online shops) – not your thing.

You’re looking for a fun social event that’s informative and catered to your particular “tone” – from mild to wild, exactly how you’d like it. You want the opportunity to see, taste, touch, hear, and smell whatever it is you may feel like investing in. Perhaps you even feel like getting a little more connected with your friends and family… how the heck do you accomplish all that?

Well, this is when you call an amazing person like Susan Compton. Susan will develop a party to meet your needs, complete with all the bells and whistles you can imagine!!

What does all this mean? Well, I recently had the most fantastic, energetic, and fully inspiring conversation with Susan – she told me about a rather unfortunate event that seems to have changed her life for the better, her growing business, her hopes for the future, and all the other things that have made her the Queen of her own life. It’s an amazing story – have a listen!!


Aren’t you inspired?!! (I am)

Susan is a member of a very special, often overlooked occupational class within the adult industry. Call them “(home) party girls” or the people who throw “sex toy parties,” bold independent business-minded people just like Susan work on a seam between adult and the mainstream. They educate people about sexual health and wellness aides, adult novelties, and good old fashioned sex toys. They help ease peoples’ anxieties, expand their horizons, debunk myths, build community, and contribute to the overall wellness of our social world… one party at a time.

If you are anywhere and you want to learn more about Susan’s work, call her (443.642.1115), email her (, and/or visit You can also find her on Twitter at @divaindundalk. I promise you won’t be sorry!!

Here are some amazing candid pictures that show Susan’s party and client range (shared with permission, of course)….





And here’s another something interesting – a tool Susan uses to reach out to potential new Elegant Pleasure Party Team Members… because you too can be the Queen of your own life :)

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Images courtesy of Susan Compton and Elegant Pleasure Parties.

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