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On June 7, 2011, Cal/OSHA held a rather problematic and somewhat frustrating meeting in downtown LA…

…but rather than rehashing that whole experience for the umpteenth time (read about it here if you’re so inclined), I feel compelled to highlight something awesome that came out of that meeting.

I got to meet Ela Darling, a young woman adult performer who is just as delightful as anyone could ever possibly be.

I first became aware of Ela at the 2011 AVN Awards Show. She was a companion of Ms. Jincey Lumpkin, Esq., the creative force behind the then-newly minted production house Juicy Pink Box (more info here) and a person I respect very much, during some show-related events.

And then, recently-ish, PVVOnline Associate Reviewer Vittoria Buzza discussed a Juicy Pink Box film entitled Therapy (2011)… and on the cover was Ela. Vittoria was absolutely delighted with everything about the film, including the performers, so I decided to “investigate”* them further (hey, it’s my job!!).

A bit of poking around* revealed that Ela was relatively new to the business; that she only performed in girl-girl and solo scenes, some of which were (are) pret-ty dang fetishy/kinky; that she had a MASTER’S DEGREE; and that, before becoming an adult performer, she had been – get this – a librarian.

No joke.

A librarian.

It was almost too amazing to be true.

But it was. And it still is.

*Incidentally, I internet stalk… err… research everyone, even you!!

And then, at the Cal/OSHA meeting earlier this month, who walked in and took a seat next to yours truly? Who shared her fan and provided the Cal/OSHA subcommittee with insightful comments and suggestions all day long? Who did adult performers, nerd-girls, and “educated folks” proud all at once?

That would be Ela Darling.

As luck would have it, I got to interview Ela one evening in the recent past. We talked about her career experiences in adult so far, and she shared some of her thoughts on the existing Cal/OSHA barrier protection mandates in California.

…all for you, lucky PVV reader/listener!! Give it a go:

Wow!! How do you feel about all that?!!

Ela shared so many insightful points, but I found myself most compelled by her discussions of sexuality and the ways in which OSHA regulations will impact all parts of the industry… even performers who are girl-girl only.

If you have been delighted by darling Ela, you should show her your love!! Check out her site at, follow her on twitter at @ElaDarling, and/or wander over to her YouTube channel. You will not be disappointed.

(and there’re more images of Ela below btw…)

* * *

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All images courtesy of Ela Darling.

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