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Domino, Domino…

What kind of name is Domino, and what kind of woman might she be?

A bounty hunter? A superhero? Super sweet? A brain-bending pastime, one of man’s ruins? What about all of the above?

Domino Presley is a rising star in the adult community. A TS woman performer who often refers to herself as “The Trap,” she’s kicking ass, taking names, and breaking boundaries all over the place. Let me explain…

Domino started out in drag, sharpening her performance skills in the highly-competative Atlanta community. She eventually made the decision to peruse a career in adult a little over a year ago and has made quite the splash ever since. To date, she has worked with all the top TS studios, including Evil Angel, SheMale Club, Third World Media/Grooby Productions, Devil’s Film, and Exquisite’s SheMale Strokers. Domino won two awards at the 2011 TS Awards – Shemale Yum Model of the Year and Best New Model; and at this year’s TS Awards, she hosted the red carpet, presented awards, and took home the Shemale Yum Model of the Year award (again).

But Domino’s powers are not restricted to the TS adult community. She’s breaking boundaries and making her mark in the adult mainstream, too. Domino was nominated for three XBIZ and two AVN Awards in 2012, and she even starred in a film with adult performer legend, Katsuni.

These things are all big deals, but they’re especially big deals in adult.

Domino is also working to reframe the erotic glamour surrounding TS women performers. Her hardcore high-end pay site, (launched through Grooby Productions), is sexy, fresh, and highly stylized. And for the future, Domino has aspirations to direct TS women in scenes that showcase their beauty in a new light.

But how do I know all this stuff? Well, I recently got the opportunity to chat with Domino about her path, her career, and her developing goals – have a listen!!



So sassy-spritly-fresh!!

I love pizazz, and I love powerful women with a mind and goals of their own. I also love women with the tenacity to go out and get what they want - I love Domino Presley.


My conversation with Domino raised all sorts of issues…

1. I find Domino’s observations about TS women and glamour/shooting style fascinating. It’s interesting to think about the ways in which some performers are shot and the implications therein. This is also relevant for BBW (big beautiful women) performers.

I really like Domino’s idea of branching out and creating content that is more in line with her vision of how TS women might be presented. There’s plenty of room for all sorts of aesthetics in this very popular genre; and, as a TS woman herself, I imagine she’s got plenty of insight.

2. And speaking of TS and BBW women performers… both groups are directly associated with niche genres within adult content production, as well as sub-cultural factions within the adult community. The presence of these sub-cultural level divisions trouble me in many ways.

Literal divisions within any population are rarely productive, though I understand that, in large communities especially, different interests and needs give rise to smaller pockets of community coalescence… but when the larger population is as marginalized and stigmatized as the entire adult community is, unity seems to be the way to go. Thus, adult industry unite!!

3. And finally, there’s my struggle with language and trans and “tranny” and lots of other terms… As I said before:

“…however folks want to be referred to, that’s what I want to say. Be it your name or your sex or your gender or your age or your ethnicity or etc etc etc, I support persons’ right to self-identify… so I feel a little bit like a colonizing know-it-all for questioning and/or feeling discomfort with an attribution that comes from within a community. Ultimately, if folks want ‘Tranny Awards,’ then tranny awards should be had!!

This is my own issue, which may be prompted by years of feminist and social justice-based research, advocacy work, and training – more theory than you can imagine and years and years of working with members of trans and queer communities.

‘Tranny’ sounds so pejorative to me (and so does “shemale” for that matter). But ‘trans’ doesn’t seem correct – The ‘Trans Awards’? – and neither does ‘transgender’ or ‘transsexual’ in this situation, though I know that many women active in the TS segment of the adult community identify as with one or all or some of these.

So what to do? …TS Awards? Tranny Awards? Something else? What do you think?” (full quote/discussion here)

But struggles with language and whatnot aside, let’s take a moment to revel in Domino – a bounty hunter, super sweet superhero, and one of man’s ruins. She’s an amazing, forward force to be reckoned with.

Check out Domino at and/or follow her in Twitter at @DominoPresley.

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