Back Stories –’s Christina Doxstader

Christina and Alison

Porn – southern California, raunchy and glitzy, wild nights and decadent days… and not just for talent.  Porn press get all the perks of being in the industry but without the pressure of being in front of the camera… right?  Not really.

For Christina Doxstader, the Editor-in-Chief of, working in the business takes a lot hard work, self-motivation, and multiple hats… all from Michigan!  This mother, dancer, service worker, and poet took some time out of her crazy (and crazy normal) day to answer a few questions for Porn Valley Vantage.  Read on!

How long have you worked in the industry, and what exactly do you do?

“I have worked in the industry for about five years. I started reviewing for different sites when I was about 19.  Then, about three years ago, a friend on myspace (who shall remain nameless) asked me if I would like to come on and do reviews for this website he was starting, I agreed and talked him into allowing me to do interviews as well. Unfortunately though he was busy with other things and never really had time to work on the site. So I took over a few months later, and I’ve been the Editor-in-Chief ever since.

As far as what I do… Basically I pretty much do everything in terms of content. I have a couple other people helping out; but like I said, I do most of it. I post most of the press releases that are sent to us, review movies, and conduct most of the interviews. In fact, I have conducted all but two or three of the interviews on the site right now.

What got you into the business?

Well this is an interesting story. When I was 16 I found a porn movie in my older brother’s room. I watched it and instantly found it fascinating. So for the next couple of years I would sneak a movie away from his room, watch it, and then return it to where I found it. When I was 18, I started to buy my own.  About a year later, I went to the AVN Expo in Vegas where I met some people that did reviews for [some website].  When I got home, I contacted them about doing reviews.  After writing a sample piece, I was in.

Has working in the industry affected your personal life?

No, not at all. My girlfriend, Alison, loves to watch the movies with me, and that helps out quite a bit. She actually started off pretty tame, but I’ve brought her inner deviant to the surface. I’ll be honest though – my parents aren’t exactly happy about me running the site, but they support me anyway.

Outside of the work you do for, what is the rest of your life like?

I have two ‘regular’ jobs that I love – bartending, and I recently went back to stripping a couple days a week, mostly to save up for something special. Also, Alison and I decided we wanted to be parents last year, and in January she gave birth to our twin girls, Addison and Carmena.

Eventually, I would really like to move out to the west coast with Alison. That way I can be right in the middle of everything.”

An entrepreneurial working mother working behind the scenes in porn – although it certainly happens all the time, this is definitely not a story you hear every day!  If you want to ask Christina more about how she balances all this or you just want to tell her how awesome she is, email her.

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