Back Stories – Adam & Eve’s Jaci Kucharski

No smart person would ever work in porn, least of all a smart person with a marketable bachelor’s degree from an influential research university and years’ worth of relevant, high-profile work experience.


Adult DVDs, lingerie, and sex toys that meet any number of consumer demands don’t just magically appear in one’s bedroom. Someone has to let consumers know what’s available, negotiate deals between distributors, devise clever sexy dirty little packages, and even come up with unique and tantalizing extras (just for you!); and at Adam & Eve, the effervescent Jaci Kucharski is integral in this process.

Jaci (pronounced “Jay Cee” and short for “Jacinda,” which is one of the most beautiful names ever) took some time to out to answer a few questions for Porn Valley Vantage about her roll in delivering comps, cock rings, lingerie, and the like to your door. Read on!

How long have you worked in the industry, and what exactly do you do?

“I’ve worked at Adam & Eve for just over seven years; it’s the only adult company I’ve ever worked for. My official job title is Premiums Merchandiser. Essentially, I’m the ‘free gifts with purchase’ chic – spend X amount of dollars and get all this amazing free stuff.

So where does all this ‘amazing free stuff’ come from?

Well, from a variety of collaborative processes. I work with various studios to create exclusive DVDs that I can then offer to Adam & Eve customers as free gift promotions. These DVDs are comps that contain anywhere from 40-50 videos of different kinds of action or girls – like 8 orgy videos, 5 schoolgirl videos, 10 blonde girls, 6 Asian girls, etc. I also work with novelty (read: sex toy) companies to use existing product or create exclusive toys to offer alongside customer purchases. Sometimes I brainstorm the ideas/themes/packages with my vendors, and sometimes I’ll present them with an idea of my own and ask ‘What do you think about this? Doable?’

In house, I also head up creative teams of copywriters and graphic artists to create the marketing materials we use to promote these offers. I also work with our internet marketing department to put together free gift offers to use in emails and on our website.

How did you end up with such a renaissance job?

Chance really… I moved to LA after college (I have a B.A. in Communications from UNC) and worked as a publicist at a large entertainment PR firm. I did publicity for TV shows, events, and award shows and corporate stuff for studios. But after living there for five years, I really hadn’t “gelled” with the city and I figured it was never going to happen. So I moved back to North Carolina to regroup, with no real plan in mind.

The job market was shit, and I was having a really hard time finding work. I happened to meet a woman who was a copywriter for Adam & Eve at a party, we hit it off, and she told me about Project Coordinator position opening in the catalog division… so, hello Adam & Eve!

I started off there, did some copy writing as well, and then transitioned into merchandising. Before I took over doing Premium Merchandising, I was the DVD buyer for the catalog and website.

Has working in the industry affected your personal life?

Working in porn really hasn’t affected my personal life at all. My family knows what I do, and there was no ‘disowning’ when I told them haha. I’m open with people about my job, and for the most part people are pretty intrigued that I work in the adult industry. More often than not, they think it’s pretty damn cool. Sometimes I even get asked for product recommendations, whether it be for DVDs or toys.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I actually don’t think I’ll still be working in adult in five years. My jobs and work experiences have all been in marketing or public relations, so I’m totally switching it up for my next adventure. I plan on going into sports medicine or physical therapy. I haven’t flushed it all out yet, but I recently got my Personal Trainer certification and am currently working on my Corrective Exercise Specialist certification. Next stop, grad school? Who knows?! Like I said, it’s a work in progress.”

A wise and wonderful woman once told me that everything is a process. This includes everything from film and product development in the adult industry to the evolution of a person’s life. Jaci Kucharski is a wonderful example of the type of multi-dimensional, bold human beings that make working in the adult industry just one part of their lives. Email her for advice about sex toys, porn, and how to make each day an awesome adventure!

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